Just a fling, or something else?

Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso was very high on the newly announced, January-debuting Rogue and Gambit five-issue mini-series at the Marvel Legacy: X-Men panel, held on Friday at New York Comic Con 2017. In fact, although he couldn’t say for sure, discussions about the book at creative retreats had led him to believe there was more to explore than originally intended, and that the single story COULD still expand into an ongoing series.

“They start out hating each other,” editor Darren Shan said about the star-crossed lovers. But as the story progresses, the question naturally arises — will they get back together?

Check out the interior art by Pere Perez!

Shan also revealed that writer Kelly Thompson read every single Rogue and Gambit story ever published in preparation for this highly-anticipated project, for a very specific purpose.

“The goal here was to tell a Rogue and Gambit story that’s never been told before,” Shan said.

Rogue and Gambit, by writer Kelly Thompson and artist Pere Perez, debuts in January.

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