Michelle Yeoh surprised New York Comic Con when she made an unexpected appearance at the panel.

Michelle Yeoh surprised New York Comic Con when she made an unexpected appearance at the Star Trek: Discovery panel. While in disguise as a fan waiting on line during the Q&A session, she asked what many fans wanted to know: “Is Captain Georgiou coming back?”

Yeoh was invited to join the cast and crew on stage where she embraced former castmates. The audience cheered her emotional reunion with Sonequa Martin-Green.

Michelle Yeoh and Sonequa Martin-Green embrace on the stage at NYCC

But, while Yeoh joined everyone on the stage for the rest of the session, her question remained unanswered until the final moments when Executive Producer Gretchen J. Berg shouted, “You will see more of this woman on this show!”

Prior, Yeoh gave a stern warning to Jason Isaacs, who plays USS Discovery Captain Lorca: “I’m telling you, Captain Lorca, if you don’t look after my baby girl, I will come and kick your ass. And you know I can do that.”

Michelle Yeoh

Sonequa Martin-Green

Another highlight of the panel was footage from the upcoming episode featuring Martin’Green’s Michael Burnham getting her new Starfleet uniform (though it’s established she has no rank), her first encounter with Saru after he thought he had said goodbye to her for the last time, and Captain Lorca revealing his true agenda for keeping the dangerous creature from the previous episode on board the ship.

During the session, Wilson Cruz and Anthony Rapp discussed being the first gay couple on a Star Trek series. “I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of Star Trek TV’s first gay couple,” Rapp said. “I can’t say how much that means to me personally as a fan of the series and as a member of the LGBT community… And I’m proud of the fact that none of that really matters in the show.”

Executive Producer Alex Kurtzman also addressed several criticisms. One was about the show being too dark. Kurtzman argued that the show’s not darker than prior Trek series but that the nature of serialized television only makes it seem that way. He elaborated that the show’s focus was more on character than plot.

Another criticism brought up during the Q&A related to the new take on the Klingons, which a fan described as “the most African” they’ve ever looked. Kurtzman responded with assurances that we’ll see lots of different Klingons and that their goal is to ultimately, “for lack of a better word, humanize them.” io9 has since counter-argued.

The series bosses addressed the paywall issue regarding CBS All Access. They said the show will present the types of stories you can’t get on other platforms and assured fans that they intend to make sure they get what they paid for.