It’s a tough sell.

Matt Nixon and Toby Cypress are back with the second installment of Retcon. With Ross in police custody, it becomes apparent that he can’t save the world from behind bars. While he’s trying to convince his captors he’s one of the good guys, the “bad” guys are working tirelessly to destroy whatever is in their way. Is it good?

So, I’m really trying to follow the timeline here, which is damn near impossible. One, because apparently there’s a time travel aspect to all the events happening and two, I have no idea what’s actually going on. But I’ll try to explain the best I can.

Ross, who we met in issue one, is trying to help stave off disaster; from what I can tell, the people he was working with were planning to destroy the city. He has since decided this is not the best idea. His interactions with the police department are a bit comical as he tries to convince them he has something of a “handler” that gives him abilities. From what I can tell she’s a witch of sorts — he calls her a demon. There’s actually a great back and forth between one of the “bad” cops and the chief of police, with great dialogue that offers a little chuckle.

Eventually you’re going to meet what looks like a superhero — kind of like The Flash in a way, but he’s awkwardly built, like a muscly light bulb. It’s one of those “you have to see it” moments. I know this is random but there is really no other way to fit this guy into the story. They make him out to be a military assassin, maybe?

The pages are gritty. I’m not sure if this was the intent but the characters are inconsistent with previous pages. An example is our superhero friend: he’s lean and fit in one panel and in another he’s got a ridiculously proportioned torso and it looks like his fingers are coming out of his palm. I can totally dig the style but some panels are just sloppy.

I’m slightly more interested after reading this to see what is going to come of all the confusion but it’s more out of my own personal curiosity. It’s a tough sell and really needs to organize its thoughts.

Retcon #2
Is it good?
It’s a tough sell and really needs to organize its thoughts.
Has some humorous banter
Slightly more character building
Little to no coherence in the storyline
Inconsistent artistic details
Really difficult to find the plot

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