Tim Drake has been locked in Mr. Oz’s fortress—but now he’s free and roaming the prison while his captor faces off against the Man of Steel.

Detective Comics #966 picks up right where we left off: Tim Drake has to team with his future self to fight one of the biggest threats to the DC Universe, Doomsday and discover who exactly this mysterious future Tim Drake is and if he’s to be trusted or if he truly is a Batman who’s just as much as a prisoner as Tim Drake. The origin of why Tim Drake becomes Batman in the future is told and its so chilling it’ll leave you in disbelief. A very brief but interesting character to return to comics is Anarky and it’s very nice to see him again and in this light. Even though he’s briefly shown there’s also some teases that they may dive more into his story and connection to the Batman of the future.

Future Tim Drake as Batman taking on the released Doomsday in a huge battle was exactly how this issue needed to start since the last issue was very slow and had almost no action until the last few pages. I get that they’re no match for Doomsday but waiting two weeks for what we thought would be an all out brawl with Doomsday vs the current Tim Drake and his future self seemed like a huge cliffhanger and the duration of the fight is so short it’s very underwhelming. Doomsday eventually pops back up only for the Tim Drake to lock him right back up. I would have preferred him to be an ongoing threat but apparently that wasn’t in writer James Tynion IV’s plans.

At the tail end of the last issue Tim Drake says he’s opened every cell, not just Batman’s and that’s how Doomsday showed up. For as little as Doomsday is in this, there should have been multiple familiar and new villains trying to take the dynamic duo down, with a ton of different and impressive scenarios to stop them together but Doomsday seems the only one around besides Batman and Robin. No other character is seen. The majority of this issue is spent with Robin trying to figure out who this Batman is which is the best part of this issue. It was an unexpected turn and takes you down an origin of Tim Drake that we’ve never seen before. The future Tim Drake explains to his younger self how no matter what path he thinks he’s on, he’ll always end up being the Batman.

The origin of this Batman was breathtaking and it’s shocking to see how Tim Drake can go from straight arrow to stone cold killer. There’s a lot of Thomas Wayne Flashpoint qualities in this future Tim Drake. Everything is here in this issue that makes an interesting story. The tail end had some of the most intense pages with surprises you wouldn’t expect. The final conversations between Tim and the future Batman was very touching and moving only to flip and become somewhat of a mysterious cliffhanger but also at the same time very clear about the new motives and stakes at play.

Detective Comics #966
Is it good?
This is by far the best Tim Drake story in recent history. Every moment keeps your eyes glued to the page as it shows off it's stunning art and amazing story. Although it drags in some places by stretching out the details of the origin of the future Tim Drake, it's still very much an exciting and must-read issue for every fan of Tim Drake.
The origins of why and how Tim Drake became the Batman was really the best part of this issue even going as far as showing the other Bat Family members and why they didn't take up the mantle.
Having this Batman stick around for a while is really interesting and now that he's in Tim Drakes Gotham it'll be interesting to see a Batman from 2 timelines battle. It's not just another Bruce Wayne which is the exciting part, it's a darker Tim Drake who doesn't hold back.
Even though this story is great so far it's running a bit slow and just when you thought Doomsday was going to pick things up, he served almost no purpose to the story.