Hal Jordan goes back to Earth in this first issue in a new story arc.

Given the cover of this issue, it looks like Hal has his work cut out for him. Parallax is tough enough, but a Parallax Superman? He’s done! Or, maybe things aren’t as they appear?

So what’s it about?

The official summary reads:

“MIND GAMES” part one! After reports of Sinestro’s return begin to spread, Hal Jordan travels to Earth looking to bring in his one-time Green Lantern partner. But a manhunt turns into a fight for his life as Hal must face the unmatchable power of the Man of Steel.

Why does this matter?

Robert Venditti starts a new arc here which has Hal Jordan go back to Earth. He’s been writing a fantastic series and it has been so good in fact I hope he never stops writing it! Joining him is artist Patrick Zircher who can do all kinds of things with big, in your face art.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Oi, these guys.

I’m always a fan of Green Lantern interaction in part because they all have an ego. This issue cuts to John Stewart giving out orders after a brief intro with Hal visiting Earth. In two pages Venditti captures the hopefulness of Kyle, the attitude of Guy, and the arrogance of Hal beautifully. They’re basically brothers in arms. Much of the rest of this issue takes place on Earth with Superman informing Hal of his run-in with Parallax. I’ll say no more to avoid spoilers, but fisticuffs do take place!

Zircher draws some mean constructs in this issue. As Hal pummels with missiles and drills the translucent weaponry looks cool. There are some interesting backgrounds that lift the characters off the page too with trippy wavy lines used to convey something is not as it seems. The character acting in the scene mentioned above between John, Hal, Kyle, and Guy is spot on too. You can’t beat the scope in the full page spread below either!

Awesome scope.

It can’t be perfect can it?

This is one of those issues where fighting takes place because of a misunderstanding. It fills the pages with some fun action but has little to no point. There’s something going on that’s not yet explained, which does add some mystery, but it remains to be seen why we needed much of this issue. Chock it up to being another superhero comic that commits decompression crimes.

Is It Good?

Hal goes back to Earth and Superman is there waiting in this fun, but not super necessary first issue in the latest story arc. It’s enjoyable, but it takes a while to get to its point.

Hal Jordan and The Green Lantern Corps #30
Is it good?
Good looking book with a fun scene or two, but much of this is biding its time for the next issue with senseless fighting.
Strong art and character acting throughout
Parallax stuff going on that's a mystery
Much of this issue is misunderstanding fight scenes

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