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Made Men #2 Review

If you are into monsters, bloody good violence, with a hint of sex and science, then make sure you pick this up.

Paul Tobin
Price: $4.95

Made Men #1 was a big surprise for me. I read the premise, but didn’t know if it would hit on the mark for me. Well, it did. The story began with Jutte Shelley and the rest of her ops team savagely gunned down in a premeditated ambush. However, Shelley isn’t an ordinary woman, and her real name isn’t Shelley — it happens to be Frankenstein. That’s right! And what would someone in her lineage do? Resurrect her fallen team and get revenge on the evil bastards that killed them!


Yup, Jutte Frankenstein has revived her team. Some of them were shot into pieces, so Jutte had to cut and paste here and there. This results in a half-man, half-lion hybrid that cannot talk. Two of her fallen compadres were combined into one, cleverly named Gemini. And this is just a couple of the agents she glued back together. This is the brilliance of Paul Tobin.

The second issue takes a step back from the all the action that engulfed us readers in the premiere issue. The focus here is on the story. Tobin dives deeper into Frankenstein, her history, and her abilities. Jutte is turning out to be a very interesting protagonist, and all the exposition in this issue is necessary for the direction that Tobin is taking the characters. Frankenstein has built herself a lethal team well capable of all the revenge that lies ahead of them.

So Dave, is it good?

Only two issues in and Made Men is one of those books that is able to take a break from the action while keeping the reader’s attention. A book about Frankenstein and her army of the undead sounds like a tongue in cheek adventure, but so far Tobin has written an entertaining tale with a strong foundation. For me, it’s somewhat comparable to the Suicide Squad, if they were creatures brought back from the land of the dead. A fine mixture of personalities teamed up for their shared goal; in this case, revenge on the ones that gunned them down.

Arjuna Susini and Gonzalo Duarte get to have fun with their artwork given the unique characters at their disposal. Especially Gio, Jutte’s fellow officer I mentioned above that gets a lion’s head grafted onto his body. He’s not the prettiest, but hands down the most menacing character of the bunch and the artwork expresses it perfectly. Duarte works with muted colors that give Made Men #2 a distinct look without appearing too cartoonish. The pair sync well together, and I’m excited to see what they will bring to the art table in future issues.

Overall, Made Men has been a fun story to read. Only two issues in, you aren’t too late to jump in and see what is going on in the world of Jutte Shelley/Frankenstein. I am interested in seeing if Tobin plays more with science. I would like to see Jutte take a trip into her laboratory and create some evil, wicked s--t to help her do battle. Make it happen, Paul! If you are into monsters, bloody good violence, with a hint of sex and science, then make sure you pick up Made Men #2!

Made Men #2
Is it good?
If you are into monsters, bloody good violence, with a hint of sex and science, then make sure you pick up Made Men #2!
Creative twist on the Frankenstein story
Diverse group of interesting characters
Gio isn't one to mess with
Solid artwork that fits in well with the narrative
Could have used a little more action

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