The conclusion of what has been BY FAR this series best story arc is finally here…and it’s a doozy.

First Read Reactions

  • When you’ve got the magic sword, the giant mole monster pretty much has to do whatever you say.
  • It’d be nice if everyone was so sanguine about being shot in the shoulder.
  • “Hello, prey.”
  • Not many artists can make a massive slaughter into fine art like Sophie Campbell does.
  • Dude. You’ve got a safe room. She’s got a magic sword.
  • *barely resists urge to make pun about removed leaders/heads*
  • Karai > Uma Thurman/The Bride in Kill Bill.

The Verdict

Yes, there was a little too much exposition. And yes, the whole part with someone getting shot in the shoulder was handled a little too easily. But damn if this issue wasn’t still all types of fun.

Sophie Campbell absolutely kills one of the most beautiful fight sequences I’ve ever seen. Any concern about Koya and Bludgeon not being badass killers anymore are gorgeously put to rest in a blood-soaked tapestry of kinetic claws and teeth (and an excellent backup story).

Meanwhile, Karai officially stakes her claim as a legitimate threat in the Turtle mythos. In addition to her skills as an assassin and a leader, she also has all of her father’s ability to intimidate without the complete lack of awareness he often displayed. Erik Burnham and Campbell (once again pulling double duty on writing and art chores) do a great job showing why Karai is definitely her father’s daughter without simply turning her into a younger, more impulsive version of him,

And sure, she’s probably damned her immortal soul for all eternity by wielding that ancient/cursed sword, but she seems cool with it. Much like Koya, Karai’s focus on whatever she sets her mind to is unwavering. Unlike her temperamental feather friend, though, she’s usually able to put aside her emotions when they get in the way of her mission.

Karai’s transformation was so good in this story arc that it’s almost enough to make you accept her as a total replacement for The Shredder. Now it’s time to find her some more worthy opponents to fight…or at least someone more challenging/interesting than a pompous old mob boss.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe #15 Review
Is it good?
Despite an unhealthy dose of expositional dialogue, this issue still finishes the series' strongest arc with a bloody (and wonderful) bang.
Sophie Campbell absolutely kills one of the most beautiful fight sequences you'll ever see.
Karai's transformation is so good that it's almost enough to accept her as a total replacement for The Shredder.
Far too much monologuing and expositional dialogue.

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