Things get trippier in this horror lover’s issue.

The last issue in this series ended on an incredibly trippy note, which got me even more jazzed up for today’s issue, which continues to bring the Halloween vibes. Batwoman is going toe to toe with a certain Batman rogue, but can she get out of her own head to defeat him?

So what’s it about?

The official summary reads:

“FEAR AND LOATHING” part two! Stranded together in the Sahara, Batwoman could only count on her mutual-survival pact with her father to hold for so long…so it’s not exactly a surprise when he turns on her! But it IS a surprise just what villain from Batwoman’s past has been keeping an eye on them both: Prime!

Why does this matter?

Marguerite Bennett has continued to write a strong series that’s focused on Batwoman’s once-unknown love life with a woman who controlled an island. Well, and a bunch of mob bosses too. Fernando Blanco has come in and been a force on this series — this issue really hammers home the trippy, mind-bending moments.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Wow. Just look at that!

Blanco is fantastic on this issue, depicting some messed up s--t for Batwoman to chew on both in the past and the present. Quite a few times he uses double page layouts with a panel (or in one case a full page spread page) leading into the panels on the right. It’s a cool way to add scope to the storytelling but also keeps the story moving. The issue opens with a full-page spread, which you can see above, that’s just awe-inspiring. There’s so much going on on this page and it’s so flipping trippy. It practically glows in the dark too thanks to John Rauch’s colors. Throughout the issue, Batwoman fights giant monsters, abominations, and has to work through some pretty messed up imagery. It’s a great visual delight every page of the way.

The story is interesting too. Bennett quickly gives readers a bead on what is going on, which is a welcome addition. She must face her own demons incarnate — or so she thinks — and Bennett ties those in well. There are also some fantastic heroic beats that’ll get readers pumped for this character. To top it all off, there’s a pretty cool promise for a conjoined nightmare that will be fun to read next issue.

The brazen bull, haven’t heard that one!

It can’t be perfect can it?

The trippy nightmares might have been too good because at times I was somewhat confused what was going on. This might be due to not knowing every detail of her upbringing, but I was decidedly confused as to what I was supposed to feel whilst Batwoman pierced a giant bat with a stake.

Is It Good?

Aside from some discombobulating moments this is a trippy delight. Come for the fantastic art and stay for the incredibly cool setup.

Batwoman #8
Is it good?
Incredibly visual with a setup that allows the art to shine.
Visually stunning throughout
The setup and premise of this story is pretty killer
Batwoman gets to be a badass at one point
Got a bit confused as to what was going on at one point