At this point it feels like I’m reading the same issue over and over again.

Injustice 2 #12 is the issue you’ve been waiting for. Finally we get to see Alfred return to life and speak his first words to Bruce and Damian. The resurrection of Alfred seems to be a success as of now, since he’s fully recovered and shows no signs of being an evil zombie — which came to me as a surprise, because I felt they could have easily chosen the zombie route and had him be a brain dead living corpse.

Alfred coming back to life changes the game and really adds to the stakes for Batman. I really like this direction and hope that Alfred sticks around because his scenes in this issue were some of the best dialogue in the issue and made the biggest impact. As soon as Alfred awoke and stopped the fight his only goal was to get everyone to stop fighting each other and work together regardless of whose side they were on. When he spoke it seemed like everyone understood him and wanted the same thing until it was interrupted by Blue Beetle, which was the most frustrating part of of the issue. It’s one of those moments where you feel like everything may work out alright and Batman and Damian may reunite but then they hit you with Blue Beetle and make everything much worse.

The great part of this issue is that just when you expect it to go in a certain way it takes a huge turn in the opposite direction. Once again we have a very wonderful issue of Injustice 2, but this time around it’s less about the action and avenging and more about the dialogue and the bigger picture. The dialogue between Alfred, Ras al Ghul, Damian and Batman is pretty touching. Everyone who spoke with Alfred has a moment of realization and you can see the emotions in everyone’s faces in some of my favorite moments of the series so far. The art by Bruno Redondo once again is just amazing. Every character in this issue has an emotion and you can see every bit of them on every page. It’s very hard to find anything wrong with his art because every issue is always filled with outstanding work.

The story itself has been dragging for quite some time now and I feel at this point we may never escape the battle between Batman and Ras al Ghul. As much as I have been enjoying this story and as much as I like that it always steps it up every issue, the story is dragging. It’s like playing Monopoly; it just lasts forever and I never feel like it gets any closer to a conclusion. We always just end up back at square one. I love these books but it really needs to get somewhere soon other than just adding more characters to the already packed story.

A really great part of this issue was the battle scene after Blue Beetle shows up. El Diablo is one of the most interesting characters and he takes on Blue Beetle inside the paradise of animals on the brink of extinction. The moment that El Diablo is shot by Blue Beetle and then loses control and kills all the animals including himself was a massive jaw-dropper and very emotional. The great part about a super villain is that most of them genuinely believe that they are doing no wrong. They saved all these animals and the shock and look on all their faces after the explosion that killed their animals was priceless. You genuinely feel sorry for the bad guys, which is what makes these books so good and what keeps the readers so devoted.

Injustice 2 #12 is a very solid and groundbreaking issue that includes more than enough drama and dialogue along with jaw-dropping moments that leave you speechless, but at the same time leaves you in wonder if they’ll ever conclude this very prolonged story. Every issue so far has been great but at this point it feels like I’m reading the same issue over and over again.

Injustice 2 #12
Is it good?
Every issue so far has been great but at this point it feels like I'm reading the same issue over and over again.
The art is always a great part of Injustice 2. It's one of the few comic series that stays consecutively phenomenal and hard to find anything wrong with.
The death scene of Diablo and all the animals was an intense heart stopping moment that really set the bar of just how serious this story has gotten so far.
The story dragging so much and still not concluding is really hard to get through. I feel like we never get any closer to a conclusion.