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The Realm #2 Review

Molly and company hit the road, Ben kills stuff, and Johnny Eldritch has a conference call with the Destroyer of Worlds.

Seth Peck and Jeremy Haun
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We return to our post-apocalyptic wonderland just in time for a quest. After meeting our characters in the opening issue we are now taking a deeper look into how the world has come to terms with the new normalcy of life. Will has been put in charge of a travel party for a journey that isn’t really explained with some cargo that isn’t really discussed: so all in all a fun, albeit enigmatic time. As we follow our heroes we get to see different bits and pieces of other stories that I hope will become a part of the main storyline.

Writer Seth Peck and artist Jeremy Haun are doing a great job of incorporating more than one story into their issues. In issue #2 we have what looks to be three going on at the same time but they fit pretty seamlessly together. The
underlying story starts the issue; this story features what looks to be more of a demonic themed character that’s working for something a bit more sinister, which Peck gives us a bit more insight to around the middle of the issue. It’s not the most entertaining part of the issue but I’m guessing this guy is going to be much more important as the story unfolds.

The main story starts a few pages further in, where Will, our gun-for-hire-style character, starts another job. From what I can tell he has to get an older scientist quite a ways away and they have put together a “fellowship” if you will for the journey. If you got a chance to check out the first issue you’ll see Molly and Rook again. I love a strong female character and having two is even better.

There’s also a glimpse into the antagonists’ heads as the story progresses along with another little cameo from the bad-ass lumberjack character who was also introduced previously. Be on the lookout for some interestingly placed pop culture quotes as you near the issue’s end.

I can’t find many faults with this series. Besides the few problems here and there (Will not explaining some of the imagery; a two page section that confused me a bit — resembling what a movie montage would be if we were watching the group travel), it’s an amazing comic.

As a final note, check out the Me Like Bees video for “The River Divides.” The group is releasing an LP with songs inspired by the comic. There’s a short interview at the end of this issue.

The Realm #2
Is it good?
Seamless story thread overlapping.
Strong female leads and riveting action/adventure.
Music inspired by art.
Lack of explanation for certain scenes.

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