As a reporter, Eddie Brock pretty much sucks. Even when he tries to do something good–like shed light on a community of oppressed dinosaurs living beneath New York–it ends up backfiring. Now Kraven the Hunter (yeah…he’s alive again…don’t ask) is hitting the big apple to hunt down some anthropomorphic dino prey.

First Read Reactions

  • Of course Kraven’s first target is a former animal biologist. OF COURSE!
  • Dang, Eddie. You really can’t blame a guy for thinking it’s weird that you’re talking to yourself while eating dan dan noodles.
  • “I was sick on your bed. I’m sorry.”
  • Good lord. You’d think Kraven’s trip(s) to/from the afterlife would make him at least a little less impulsive.
  • Seriously? That’s all it takes to hurt the symbiote?
  • That can hurt it, too?
  • *rolls eyes and sighs*

The Verdict

I’m normally okay with fudging continuity a little if it helps tell a great story. In this case, however, it just makes things seem ridiculous. Are we actually supposed to believe that the symbiote (and the person wearing it) can have its ass kicked by a knife, a bear trap, and a gunshot? Even Eddie himself didn’t believe that last part.

Maybe Kraven is using some sort of enchanted weaponry, but it certainly wasn’t hinted at here. Combine this major character inconsistency with some cringe-worthy ’90s style Eddie Brock moments, and the art by Mark Bagley is the only thing keeping this issue from an even lower rating (and the presence of dinosaurs, of course).

To be fair, though, Mike Costa’s scripts had been great the last several months. And despite the ridiculous way it’s set up, I do like the possibility of the symbiote needing to “care” for Eddie while he’s incapacitated. Hopefully this issue was just a bump in the road and not a mortal knife wound to the stellar run the series had since Brock returned.

Venom #156
Is it good?
Even if you aren't a stickler for continuity, Venom #156 will leave you scratching your head (and not particularly entertained).
Mark Bagley's art is fantastic.
Since when can a small knife slice through the symbiote like warm butter?
Both Kraven and Eddie Brock (and their dialogue) are '90s level ridiculous.