Hot dogs with capes tied around them?!

The Official DC Super Hero Cookbook boasts 60+ simple, tasty recipes that all have a hero themed aspect to them. On first look the book seems really cute. It’s very colorful, very geared toward the older generation of hero but very kid friendly with the recipes. You even get three cookie cutters along with the cookbook which also includes some hero cutouts and stencils to help with decorating.

The book itself is separated into seven sections — two of these are basically informational sections. The first gives ideas on how to use the cookbook and then a center section shows you how to decorate your lunch — kids lunches, which basically boils down to adding superhero symbols on your stuff. You’ve got breakfast, sandwiches, sides (-kicks) and salads, main dishes and desserts. It’s organized really well and the inside is very colorful and attention grabbing but the food options fall a bit short. I realize we’re looking at a book that will probably be used by parents to cook with their kids but my 9 year old wasn’t interested in much seeing that most of the recipes are basic ones that just seem to add a hero symbol to them and add a catchy name.

As my son and I looked through the book trying to find something to make the only thing that really jumped out at me as entertaining were the smoothies that showed up here and there. Really simple to make but they actually looked good and didn’t just add a logo. The parfait and the strawberry mash were great, both in the breakfast section.

I love the idea, and I think it’s awesome to have a cookbook you can use to spend time with your kids but there could have been a little effort into making these a little more thought provoking — the tortilla chip Batman pizza and cinnamon Flash symbol on sweet potatoes were a few of the unimaginative ideas. There are more than a few odd choices as well that I doubt many people would completely love. Some of the ideas include literally hot dogs with capes tied around them — yes, that’s what I said- — and a greens salad but you cut the cucumbers into the Green Lantern logo. If you want some brainless, cutesy cooking, then this is for you but if you’re looking for a challenge, just walk on by.

The Official DC Super Hero Cookbook
Is it good?
If you want some no-thought-required cooking, then this is for you. But if you’re looking for a challenge, just walk on by.
Easy and very kid friendly
Bright and colorful artwork
No imagination the actual recipes
Uninteresting ideas
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