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Qora has much to think about. After finding solace away from her tribe with her trusty Tukduk, Gara, she comes face to face with a dilemma. Her adventurous spirit and rebellious nature are about to put her in the path of uncertain doom with one of her mortal enemies. Simon Spurrier and Caspar Wijngaard have put even more depth into their decaying city as we follow our heroine deeper into the mysteries of the makers and maybe even get a little more understanding of how the world came to be in this state. Is it good?

With a simple and easy to follow introduction into part two of our tale, we become face-to-face with the Mans. At this point — from what I can tell — these creatures are at their simplest, techie manatees. They seem to run on Wi-Fi access and a Google search mentality. Their tone reads very condescending, on the verge of sarcasm in a few conversations. I’m thinking these creatures have a little more in the way of free will compared to our ritual performing, chanting scripture monks. From the outside looking in you can see that there might be a con going on here as they talk Qora into helping them find something important to their God, Ay. As you read the interaction between the Mans and Qora you start to see that she’s a lot smarter than you think; her speech is very primitive — to the point of ridiculousness at times — but she picks up on everything. I’m liking the angsty sidekick they give her for the story — it reminds me of some of the teenagers I’ve taught before. More concerned with internet connection than their own well-being.

There’s a behind-the-scenes story with the monks as they search for Qora as well, which does a great job of showcasing how the community works and what is most important to certain individuals in the tribe. I’m really not a fan of Alfer.

Spurrier’s writing is really fantastic. He does a great job finding new voices for the different species. You get a different look at how each group has survived without human influence. The story is highlighted by some amazing artistic designs, too. We get to see more of the Makers’ city in the out of bounds area. There also seems to be more in-depth work with some of the main characters. The final creature is pretty bad ass but I wish it would have had a bigger entrance. Still, it’s pretty impressive.

I really enjoyed this issue, even more than #1. I think the story is starting to grow and we’re going to see some interesting side effects to our creatures working together. And not that I would recommend this for young kids, but there’s a cute connect the dots drawing at the end that they want sent into the creators. I’m totally getting my kids to do it.

Angelic #2
Is it good?
The story is starting to grow and we’re going to see some interesting side effects to our creatures working together.
Easy to follow intro
Great plot building
New creatures, diverse personalities
Small image for big effect
Not for kids but cool kid activity included

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