The newest installment in the Hack/Slash series sets the tone going forward.

Hack/Slash Resurrection is the revival of the Hack/Slash franchise. Despite not being written by the main writer of the series, Tim Seeley, Tini Howard makes sure it’s a well rounded revival to the series.

So what’s it about?

The official summary reads:

The fan-favorite title returns with hot new writer, TINI HOWARD! Cassie Hack has been living off the grid, but when a new monstrous threat arises to torment promiscuous teens, it’s time for Cassie to pick up the baseball bat once again! Gory, sexy, twisted, and funny…HACK IS BACK!

What’s the story?

Cassie Slash is living on a remote mountain with her cat after quitting the monster hunting business and instead makes money by streaming herself playing video games on a Twitch-like platform. However, she keeps receiving undead prison inmates that are being resurrected and sent her way by the doctor at the nearby prison for yet unknown reasons. After being offered a job as a counselor at a nearby camp and having another set of the undead inmates crawling to her secluded home, she decides to set off with her cat to the camp.

What was good and bad about it?

The issue has a clear and concise setup of where it intends to go with the story going forth. It sets up who the main character is, provides a brief history narrated by the main character and gives a clear direction the character is going towards. The pacing of the issue is also incredibly well done for a first issue as it brings in new readers by telling them the information they need to know as well as managing to feel fresh for returning fans. While the story is nothing that is a drastic change in the genre, it is however an easy to understand and read plot that fits in with the horror genre that the series is a part of. The first issue sets up two locations that are very often used in anything within the horror genre: the abandoned, snow-covered mountain away from civilization, and the camp filled with teens by a lake. Of course this also has the spin that all the people in those locations are armed with weapons compared to the usual tropes where they are usually unarmed and incompetent.

Nothing like a snow zombie encounter to keep the blood pumping, right?

And the art?

The art of the issue is incredibly stylized and runs with a simple yet perfectly good looking design that doesn’t show an incredible amount of detail, but still contains enough to easily be followed and have distinct designs. The issue’s designs use a lot of simple shapes to show the shapes of characters and then expands on that by adding the initial details on the inside of the shapes that connect to create the characters.

Hack/Slash: Resurrection is a great opener to the newest installment in the franchise and is perfect for new readers and older ones alike.

Hack/Slash: Resurrection #1
Is it good?
Hack/Slash: Resurrection is a great opener to the newest installment in the franchise and is perfect for new readers and older ones alike.
A great jumping on point for newcomers to the franchise.
Sets up the needed knowledge going forward within the first few pages regarding the main character.
Sets up the plots and locations of the series simply and easily without making it confusing for newcomers.
The way the characters are drawn is rather simple and they mostly consist of basic shapes with detail added on top.