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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #20 Review

This issue is a home run.

Kyle Higgins and Hendry Prasetya
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The highly anticipated Mighty Morphin Power Rangers issue #20 is finally here and it not only meets expectations — it sets a new bar for future Power Rangers stories. It’s 1969 and the moon landing is successful but an even greater challenge awaits as a new but familiar foe has awaken. The Psycho Green Ranger makes his debut and has his eyes set on waking up Rita Repulsa. That alone is a reason to pick up this book.

The setting of this issue, thanks to the artwork, feels like the 1960s. The characters and scenery look fantastic and not to mention how they speak. It’s not too over the top stereotypical with every sentence beginning with “far out” and everyone throwing up peace signs, though. It’s handled very casually and never feels too out of time. Reading anything that doesn’t take place in modern time can feel unrelatable, but you never get that sense in this issue. It’s the perfect year to set this story in — to take one of the most important events in American history and throw in an evil Power Ranger is just genius. The writing in this issue is more than superb. It gives you such little time to know any of the characters, but you can still sympathize with them and be completely devoted to them.

Psycho Green Ranger spent little time in this issue but his presence was a shock as the character has never appeared before in any form of Power Rangers. The Psycho Rangers are space-based villains that have been fan favorites since they made their brief debut, so including this brand new character and involving him in the moon landing was a perfect way for the character to be introduced. The 1969 team was a nice new feel but very different from the current team. The current team was five teenagers chosen from the same city of Angel Grove but this 1969 team were chosen from different areas of the world from different ages and one of then didn’t even speak English so that was an excellent touch.

If there’s one issue I have it’s that this story is so interesting and fun to read that it drags in certain areas like in the command center or during the Rangers first landing on the moon. Then during the scenes with the Psycho Green Ranger it’s very rushed when that’s the character Power Rangers fans will want to see the most. These are just small complaints, though, and would only be a real issue if it were a one-shot story with no intention on ever revisiting the storyline. If the story continues, which it most certainly looks like it will, then there is no real problem with those dragging or rushed areas. I do believe for as much as this issue was hyped it should have been a bigger issue with maybe 10 more pages to better know the characters and spend more time with this story.

Power Rangers #20 is a home-run and pulls off a very bold move of introducing a new team to wear the iconic uniforms that started it all and makes you fall in love with them. It features familiar looks and new faces for both the Power Rangers and the introduction of the Green Psycho Ranger. This issue is the start of a whole new chapter in the Power Rangers series and opens the door for possible side Power Rangers stories. It lives up to its expectations and will be enjoyed by fans for many years to come and has introduced some fun new cosplay ideas for fans all over the world.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #20
Is it good?
Power Rangers #20 is a home-run and pulls off a very bold move of introducing a new team to wear the iconic uniforms that started it all and makes you fall in love with them.
The new characters were all very likeable. Even though we didn't spend a lot of time with them, there wasn't one character I disliked.
The introduction to the Psycho Green Ranger opens up the possibility for all kinds of returning or brand new characters. The Psycho Rangers have always been fan favorites and this one has to be the coolest version, even having a dagger just like Tommy.
Parts of the issue that didn't feel too important dragged and some of the most interesting parts were rushed. The Psycho Green fight was so short and should have lasted longer especially since he was one of the coolest villains to be introduced since Lord Drakkon.

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