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The X-Files: JFK Disclosure #1 Review

A wealth of historical easter eggs and some great dialogue makes this worth pulling from the archives.

Denton Tipton
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On October 26, 2017, the United States Government will (probably) declassify and release all files (yeah right) they have pertaining to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

But one day before that, on October 25, IDW will the release the first of a two part X-Files event, JFK Disclosure. My pre-read guess: Aliens are somehow going to be involved.

First Read Reactions

  • I still don’t like people who insist on going by one name professionally (except for Prince), but I’ve got admit, Menton3 can even make anything look stunning–even a horrific gunshot wound that represents one of the most tragic moments in American history.

    I may not have been alive when it happened, but this image still breaks my heart.

  • HA! Even Mulder realizes how stupid #PizzaGate is.
  • Take note, ladies: The key to getting Mulder to come visit you is to use his father’s first name in a cryptic telephone call.
  • I would complain about the blatant overuse of two-page spreads which have very little to do with the story, but it’s Menton3, so I’ll allow it.
  • Wow, Denton J. Tipton is really swinging for the fences with the old school mobster references…
  • …and huge bonus points for the E. Howard Hunt cameo.
  • “Deathbed confessions may be cliche, but cliches are cliche for a reason.”
  • Gotta hate it when you’re hired to kill Castro and things fall apart spectacularly.

The Verdict

First off, how crazy is it that we have a creative team with so much rhyming between their names? Denton J. Tipton and Menton3? There’s your conspiracy right there.

But I digress…I think we all knew where this was headed, although I give props to Tipton for adding at least one unexpected wrinkle to the proceedings. He fills his narrative with a ton of real world history and characters, which is always a good boast in the world building department for conspiracy-based stories like this.

I do wish more had actually happened though. Aside from a couple of punches to the stomach and one heavily redacted action sequence, the issue primarily consists of sparse dialogue surrounded by beautiful Menton3 artwork…which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But on a story like this–especially when it’s one of only two parts and has an obvious “twist” ending–it can be a slightly frustrating read.

All that being said, though, I’m still definitely on board for the second issue. I’m not sure how all the information is going to be packed into one slightly oversized comic, but at least we know it will look beautiful no matter what.

The X-Files: JFK Disclosure #1
Is it good?
Despite a narrative that spins its wheels too much, a wealth of historical easter eggs and some great dialogue makes The X-Files: JFK Disclosure worth pulling from the archives.
Menton3's artwork is beautiful.
Writer Denton J. Tipton fills the narrative with plenty of real historical tidbits and characters along with plenty of great dialogue.
Unfortunately, not much happens.
As nice as Menton3's artwork is, there is an overabundance of splash pages and large panels with sparse bits of narrative.
The twist at the end is painfully obvious to any X-Files or science fiction fan.

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