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Gasolina #2 Review

I like certain aspects of the story, but there is a lot going on that I think takes away from the focal point of the story.

Sean Mackiewicz and Niko Walter, Mat Lopes
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Gasolina is a weird, interesting story. I read the first issue twice, thinking I missed something during the first read. And I actually ended up liking it more the second read through. I was hoping that Gasolina #2 would come across different than the first. Here again, I sit with mixed feelings as I begin writing this review. Will Gasolina win me over by the end of this article? Let’s find out!

So, what is Gasolina?

That is a damn good question. Gasolina has many layers to peel through to reach the heart of the story. And yet, the heart is so complex. Drugs, sex, cartels, aliens, violence, family — Gasolina has it all. The last issue we were introduced to Randy and Mal, a couple that we learn little about, except that Mal is a doctor and possibly an assassin? It is alluded, but never goes into detail. Mal’s nephew, Quique, is kidnapped and his father, her brother asks for the pair to get him back from the dangerous cartel that took him.

Long story short: They rescue the boy but not everything ends on a happy note. The boy cries out at night, waking up from his sleep. His father comes rushing in to see what is wrong and an alien bug launches from Quique’s chest Alien style and kills his father. Assuming Quique is dead also, but we soon find out that may not be the case.

Does Gasolina #2 answer any questions?

I don’t know if it answers many questions, but adds more. There is clearly an alien presence of some sort, but we don’t learn where they are from or what they are. The cartel is pissed and goes to hunt down the family, but walks into an unexpected surprise. Mal and Randy have acquired weapons, a new truck, and are headed south. The local authorities have proof of the alien bug attacks but they are clueless to what is going on as well. So by the end of the issue, more questions! Not many answers. And where is Quique?

But is it good?

Once again, I don’t know! I think I like it, but there is something missing. Maybe I want a little more detail into what is going on. Hopefully, Sean Mackiewicz is taking the story in an exciting direction. Despite not knowing much about Randy and Mal, they have been likable characters. They are tough, but know when it is time to make a move to save their own ass.

Niko Walter has done an outstanding job of breathing life into the city. The scenery plays just as big a part as the characters. The dramatic detail for each of the characters is sharp and beautiful. Mat Lopes’ colors are gripping and add a cinematic feel to the story. I have enjoyed the art more than I have enjoyed the story.

What’s the verdict?

I’m gonna read the third issue of Gasolina when it comes out next month and decide if I will continue or will I move on afterwards. I like certain aspects of the story, but there is a lot going on that I think takes away from the focal point of the story. Let’s see how Gasolina delivers next month!



Gasolina #2 Review
Is it good?
I like certain aspects of the story, but there is a lot going on that I think takes away from the focal point of the story.
Gorgeous artwork!
The alien bugs are cool looking
The main characters are likable
But what the hell is going on?
A lot going on. I wouldn't mind a little clarification

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