October’s Loot Crate is here! Our video unboxing/review explores its delightful treasures.

Are you a nerd? Do you like surprises? Yes? Well great news! Thanks to the folks over at Loot Crate you can receive a box in the mail once a month with a bunch of fun nerdy stuff inside. You’ll get your hands on a t-shirt and lots of other exclusive collectibles from a plethora of different TV shows, video games, movies, comics and more. All for less than the price of a t-shirt no less. This month you’ll be able to get your hands on merchandise for a very popular 80s horror themed tv show and a cult classic film. I would say more but I think it’d be easier to let you watch the video. Enjoy!

As you can see for the most part I was pretty happy with my first ever loot crate. For less than $20 I got a t-shirt, pin, bookmark and two collectibles. While I wasn’t thrilled with the Thor/Loki figure, the rest of the box more than made up for it. I have a Mr. Pointy bookmark! Dreams do come true kids.

I can’t wait to see what next month’s box has in store for me. Keep an eye on our YouTube channel for upcoming loot crate and toy reviews.

Is it good?
Eleven and the Demigorgon are cute and will look great on any collectors shelf
Loot Crate celebrates two big releases coming this month in film and television
Green Goblin pin is straight up creepy
Thor & Loki figure wasn't very well made
I'm not really sure which Ghost Busters movie the shirt is referencing