WWE wishes all three the best in their future endeavors.

While “spring cleaning” used to be a regular exercise in WWE, expunging unused or underperforming talent post-WrestleMania season, hasn’t really been a thing for a few years now, it’s still not uncommon for WWE releases to come in groups. Earlier today it was reported by WWE.com that Emma had been released. A mere hour or so later, it was also revealed that Summer Rae and Darren Young had been wished the best in their future endeavors as well.

Summer Rae and Darren Young are not terribly surprising — Summer Rae hasn’t really been involved in anything since the WrestleMania 32 kickoff show multi-Divas tag match, and Darren Young hasn’t been used since suffering an injury in January after a lackluster run with Bob Backlund as his manager while they tried to “Make Darren Young Great Again.”

Emma, on the other hand, wrestled as recently as Monday, in her second straight losing effort against Asuka in the Empress of Tomorrow’s first two matches on the main roster. New NXT signee Lio Rush questionably decided to weigh in on the situation in a now-deleted tweet:

Though these are the only releases announced thus far, there may be more. This post will be updated as more information comes in.