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Clue #5 Review

Paul Allor has done a wonderful job moving along the story in the short amount of time.

Paul Allor
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Paul Allor has kept me guessing since the first issue of Clue on who the killer could be. Having just finished up Clue #5, there is still a lot for me to decipher through. There has also been another twist thrown into the murder mystery. What’s going on in the mansion this month? Let’s stroll into the ballroom and see what’s shaking!

Dave, who died in this issue?

Whoa, whoa, whoa, let’s settle down now. What makes you think someone dies in this issue? (Psst…someone dies in this issue.) I would love to go into details, but that’s what makes Clue so great. I went back and looked at my review for issue 4 and went down the list of characters announcing who is alive and who is dead. Looking back at that now, I wish I didn’t do it. So I am not going to spoil who may or may not have died in this issue. Therefore, this is probably going to be a short review.

Clue #5 comes right out of the gate with another murder. Was it a murder though? Things break, people crash through them. People fall on their head, circle of life. An arrest is made, and the plot continues to thicken. My favorite butler, Upton, returns and shares a flashback with us on what we have missed. This is one of my gripes — I wish we could see these events play out during the story, instead of the recap flashbacks. I feel like it takes away from the flow of the story, especially since the flashbacks take up a chunk of the issue.

Dave, is it still good?

Yes, I am still enjoying Clue. However, I wish this series would go further than the six issues that are scheduled. I feel like there are moments that are rushed, along with the movement of the story. Also with the amount of characters, I would have liked to see a little bit more development with them and see the chemistry between them mature. The only sold chemistry between two characters at this time are Professor Plum and Doctor Orchid.

But don’t let my opinion deter you from reading Clue. Paul Allor has done a wonderful job moving along the story in the short amount of time. I just don’t feel as emotional about characters biting the big one when it happens. So there are some story elements left to be desired.

I am still digging Nelson Daniel’s artwork. I especially like the way he the characters match up to their respective colors. Ms. Scarlett is wearing red, Prof. Plum is wearing purple, etc. It keeps the spirit of the board game intact and I appreciate those details.

One more issue to go! But there are so many questions that I have, I find it hard to believe Allor is going to wrap this all up with a nice, neat bow. Clue #5 just upped the ante even more. I would hate for the final issue to be so rushed and end of a really sour note. Despite my minor gripes about the story, Allor has done well. Hopefully, there isn’t any dust on the magnifying glass as he brings this murder mystery to an end!

Clue #5
Is it good?
Paul Allor has done a wonderful job moving along the story in the short amount of time.
Artwork is very noir, looks good
A new twist has been added in
New developments really having me wondering what is going to happen
Some of the story feels rushed
Only one issue left

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