Mr. Wormwood still hasn’t quite secured my vote yet, but I’m definitely listening and leaning that way.

Wormwood and a team of agents (who could be generously described as eccentric) have arrived in Washington. But how do you locate a demonic infection in a swamp already filled with some of humanity’s worst people?

First Read Reactions

  • You know a high level meeting has gone off the rails when President Regan’s bowel movements are being discussed.
  • When the ghost of Abraham Lincoln is concerned about partisan divide, then it might be time four our country’s government to (finally) do some soul searching.
  • Yikes. Hard to imagine something worse than a Trump presidency, but there ya go.
  • People who offer “thoughts and prayers” in the aftermath of tragedy rarely give either one.
  • Wait…that’s actually what happens during the initiation for the Skull & Bones club?
  • Yeah, this is still worse.
  • Leave it to Wormwood to play it cool during a Twitter feud.
  • “This withered congressional penis is going to save America.”

The Verdict

Now we’re starting to get somewhere.

Mr. Wormwood Goes to Washington #2 still suffers from too much exposition, but the narrative finally moves forward this issue, both via some great dialogue and beautifully drawn action sequences. And as ridiculous as the plot seems on its surface, I’m all types of interested in finding out how the congressional…uh, member….will manage to do what’s needed to eliminate the demonic infection from our hallowed halls of government.

On the humor side of things, the book still swipes at a fair bit of low hanging fruit, but Templesmith also manages to throw in more genuinely funny lines this last time around. I also appreciated that he doesn’t fall back on the simple (and horrifyingly plausible) setup that Washington D.C.’s general state of corruption is influenced by dark magic. Instead, the worst of our human nature is merely a fertile spawning ground for a threat that’s…well…somewhat interesting, at least. We don’t get much quantifiable information beyond the fact that it could do very bad things if it’s allowed to spread.

As far as the series itself goes, things are certainly a lot more interesting than they were after the first issue. Mr. Wormwood still hasn’t quite secured my vote yet, but I’m definitely listening and leaning that way.

Wormwood, Gentleman Corpse: Mr. Wormwood Goes to Washington #2
Is it good?
Still too many lame jokes and too much exposition, but once the narrative and humor really gets going, it's definitely worth your voting consideration.
The narrative finally starts to move forward, both via some great dialogue and fantastic action sequences.
Never has a congressman's withered penis been so interesting.
The humor rises above the normal "politics are evil" baseline to some genuinely hilarious moments.
Still way too much exposition.
The humor is still infected by plenty of low hanging fruit.
Still unclear what the major threat is or how bad it could be.