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The original Harley Quinn comes back in the cleverest of ways

‘Batman: White Knight’ introduced the concept of multiple Harley Quinn characters.

Sean Murphy
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Whether or not you’re reading Batman: White Knight you have to admire what Sean Murphy did with Harley Quinn in today’s second issue of the miniseries. Already changing Joker in this Elseworlds story, Murphy has Joker (who is now going by Jack Napier and cured of his madness) visit with his main squeeze Harley Quinn. Sporting her most recent duds from the Suicide Squad movie he attempts to convince her they need to stop being the bad guys. This comes with a proposal of marriage something he assumes she’s always wanted. Fans of the Batman the Animated Series will remember it’s all she ever hoped for.

Unfortunately for Jack, that’s not what she has in mind for their relationship at all:

With an off-panel kick she goes flying and to the surprise of readers Harley shows up sporting the original costumed from Batman The Animated Series! As if commenting on the preferred costume or just the portrayal he preferred Murphy literally had the movie Harley get kicked to the side.

It’s not till a few pages later that the reader gets an explanation. As you can see below Joker has always been so narcissistic and crazy he never realized Harley Quinn was switched. And with that Murphy has managed to bring the cartoon psychiatrist version into his story.

It’s a clever twist particularly in how it is explainable due to Joker’s madness, but also why she’s changed her outfit so dramatically.

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