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When I learned that Shelly Bond was going to be heading up a new imprint at IDW I was instantly interested and excited. Enter: Kid Lobotomy.

After reading issue one I was a tad underwhelmed to say the least — I thought that maybe I had got excited for nothing. To be honest with you, I’m not the biggest Milligan fan in general, but I didn’t let that cloud my judgment. Thankfully, Lobotomy #2 is definitely worth reading — what an absolute madhouse of an issue. Psychedelic, surreal storytelling with great, sharp dialogue from the main cast of the story. In issue one we followed Kid Lobotomy taking over the running of the family hotel ‘The Suites’ with a bloody cliffhanger. This issue adds some meat onto the bones of this story, albeit in an intentionally confusing manner.

We see some new residents come to The Suites in issue #2 who help us, the reader, explore the depths of this abstract, Kafka-esque nightmare of a hotel. Kid and his relationship to shapeshifting Ottla gets challenged and pushed to new limits. We learn more about Kid Lobotomy’s crazy family, including Big Daddy and Kid’s sister, Rosebud, who is still trying to take The Suites away from him. The supporting cast also gets some fleshing out which hugely benefit the story and the world it’s set in.

There’s some good use of the comic format and its orientation along with some solid artwork. I’m even enjoying the writing — who knows, maybe I can be converted to a Milligan fan.

The only real downside to this comic is that I still have no real idea of what is going on in regards to the overall plot/story. However, I do feel that this issue pushes it forward in whatever direction it’s going. It’s like being taken for a spin in the dark surrounded by strobe lights — I’m not entirely sure what’s going on, but I’m definitely enjoying the ride.

Kid Lobotomy #2
Is it good?
I’m not entirely sure what’s going on, but I’m definitely enjoying the ride.
Great dialogue
Good use of the comic format
Surrealist’s dream
Confusing plot
Surrealist’s nightmare

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