Nothing monstrous about Lamplighter’s new Strangers Things brew.

The first season of Stranger Things showed there are many ways to enter the Upside Down but did you know there’s a beer now available that’ll take you there? It sure beats going through the Hawkins National Laboratory or finding the random tree trunks in the forest! Brewed by Lamplighter Brewing Co. this beer appeared at their Cambridge Mass brewery in early October and can be purchased in cans and from the tap.

The beer is a dark saison with a 7.4% ABV and a 26 IBU. Listed as a malty toffee spice flavored beer it’s the perfect heaviness for a cold fall or winter day. As you can see in the picture below, Lamplighter points out it’s best enjoyed in this dimension and there’s a pairing suggestion of waffles–ha ha.

The beer is currently rating at a 3.66 on and we can safely say it’ll keep you warm on a cold winter night! A four pack of these beers will run you about $15 dollars and can be purchased at the Lamplighter Brewing Co. location in Cambridge.