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Lou Ferrigno shares his thoughts on Marvel’s CGI Hulk at Rhode Island Comic Con 2017

“The Incredible Hulk” actor Lou Ferrigno shares his thoughts on the CGI Hulk.

It’s funny how life often imitates art. In Marvel’s comic book universe, there are green Hulks, red Hulks, gray Hulks–just a lot of Hulks. On the big screen, the larger-than-life hero has been played by multiple actors, including Eric Bana, Edward Norton and, currently, Mark Ruffalo.

But is there any actor more associated with the role than Lou Ferrigno, the former bodybuilder who portrayed the character on The Incredible Hulk TV series? I had a chance to chat with the pop culture icon at Rhode Island Comic Con 2017 right before Day 2 got underway November 11.Ferrigno mentioned how next weekend, he’ll be in Palm Springs for The Ferrigno Legacy Fitness Expo 2017, and how he’ll soon appear in the Game of Thrones parody Purge of Thrones. Of course, he also lavished praise on the convention attendees with which he’d soon be interacting.

“The people here are fantastic,” Ferrigno said. “I can’t wait to be sitting down with the people here today and it makes me feel good that everyone here is so genuine and very warm.”

With Ruffalo’s Hulk currently helping Thor: Ragnarok dominate at the box office, I had to ask if Ferrigno keeps up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He does–ever since he made a cameo appearance in 2008’s The Incredible Hulk. But about that Ragnarok Hulk…

“I think it’s great,” Ferrigno said,” but the CGI Hulk can’t be like the real Hulk.”

Ferrigno is–and always will be–the strongest one there is!



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