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Injustice 2 #13 Review

A fun issue that steps away from all the madness and world dominating and takes a much smaller and more confined storytelling approach.

Tom Taylor
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Injustice 2 #13 finally returns us back to Kahndaq, where Black Adam tries to help train Kara to unlock her Kryptonian powers when an unexpected guest arrives. This issue was a heartwarming buddy story between Kara and Nightwing that was really enjoyable and deserves to be revisited again very soon.

Injustice 2 has felt very repetitive as of late. We’re finally going back to Kahndaq to see what’s been going on since we last saw Black Adam and Kara, and it feels as if their story has been on pause since we last saw them. No real progress has been made with Kara. At this point, while this series had such a great start with a compelling story and huge entertainment value, I feel like we’re at a point where maybe they’re dragging the story out on purpose to stretch out these issues. There’s a lot of empty space on these pages, and a lot of stretched scenes. Most issues lately can be cut in half and merged together without missing any real plot details. I find myself reading these just anxiously awaiting to see if they’ll finally show me something new and actually move forward for once.

The addition of Nightwing really makes this issue shine, though. If not for him, this issue would be a complete disaster and the most filler issue we’ve seen to date. I really enjoyed Nightwing in this issue more than I’ve ever enjoyed him for the entire Injustice 2 run so far. The chemistry between him and Kara was so interesting and potentially opened some new opportunities for a Nightwing/Kara relationship. I absolutely love that idea and hope it moves forward because it’ll be different than what we’re used to, something this series sorely needs. I’m not a Black Adam fan whatsoever and somehow they’ve managed to change my mind about the character here. The mentor/student approach is a major plus to the story and would like to see more of this. With the addition of Nightwing, I think I’d rather just see a new series with this team like an alternate universe Red Hood and the Outlaws rather than join Superman.

The writing by Tom Taylor is done very well, and I feel like the areas that drag aren’t entirely his fault. There is a very specific formula to these Injustice 2 comics, and that involves being spaced out so even though some issues see, to drag on the same story for longer than you’d hope, it’s still an entertaining issue and series. The art is stunning as usual, but a special shoutout to the colorist, J. Nanjan, because this issue pops out of every page with its amazing use of color and no page is wasted. Very beautiful book and I hope to see a lot more of this trio of Nightwing, Black Adam and Kara — the tease of the next issue looks very promising.

Injustice 2 #13 is a fun issue that steps away from all the madness and world dominating and takes a much smaller and more confined storytelling approach that reminds you that we still have an important member of the DC Universe on the bench waiting to make her debut. Along with the Karate Kid-style feel, it also brings in small but fun team-up scenes with Nightwing and Kara who bring some light to a very dark story. Very enjoyable issue and exciting to see the setting take place away from what felt like a dragging story.

Injustice 2 #13
Is it good?
A fun issue that steps away from all the madness and world dominating and takes a much smaller and more confined storytelling approach.
Black Adam being a mentor is the first time I've ever found the character interesting. I really hope there's more to this later, maybe even like a father daughter approach.
Damian is a dick and it's hard to like him in this series but him being there with Kara was fun and makes me wish he wasn't in the wrong. Hopefully this leads to a potential relationship with Kara because they were perfect together.
Even though this was a fun issue I feel like we're still not moving anywhere. It's all just at a stand-still.

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