Will this force Marvel’s hand?

Hysteria surrounding the upcoming trailer for Avengers: Infinity War is at an all-time high. We reported last week Paul Bettany and Sebastian Stan’s comments on the trailer at Rhode Island Comic Con, showering it with praise like “epic” and “badass.”

The trailer still isn’t out and we don’t know how long it will be before it is, but a Reddit user named TheAscendedAncient dropped a leak of purported stills from the trailer.

Proxima Midnight as depicted in Infinity #5.

Spoilers: The screenshots depict several characters from the upcoming film, including Black Widow, Falcon and Captain America. Scarlet Witch is shown, readying her abilities. Most noteworthy though is the first appearance of Proxima Midnight, an associate of Thanos’s Black Order, standing tall (and about to get dropkicked by Falcon).

The images are currently being hosted by Imgur. Check them out there if you can’t wait for the trailer to drop.

For what it’s worth, Disney has apparently been attempting to scrub these images from the internet, so they appear to be legitimate. A couple years ago, grainy footage of the series’ previous installment, Avengers: Age of Ultron, hit the internet, prompting Marvel to release the official trailer early. A similar thing happened to Warner Bros. with the then-anticipated Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer. Time will tell if Marvel will do the same thing here and just release the trailer already.