We unbox and review the new Ghost Rider Pop! Rides vinyl figure.

Funko might have had a recent poor IPO, but that won’t stop die-hard fans from buying their great Pop! figures. I only own two, but after seeing the classic Ghost Rider Pop! Rides for sale I had to add him to my collection. This toy can be found on Amazon and arrived for us this week. Check out our full unboxing below along with our snap judgments.

As you can see this is a well-made toy (especially the motorcycle) and a fine addition to any Ghost Rider collection. The paint job is excellent and the bobble is quite cool with the fire effects. The size is nice — obviously a bit bigger than a normal Funko toy — but it allows the details of the motorcycle to be more obvious.

The only problems I had were the visible spring in the neck when you look at it from the side. It’s not immediately obvious, but if you’re looking for it you’ll see it. Since this is a bobblehead you can’t turn the head, which is unfortunate if you want to give this toy different looks like you can with most Funko toys. Motorcycle fans might not dig the kickstand being down since he should be riding, not parked!

Funko Pop Rides: Marvel Classic Ghost Rider with Bike Vinyl Figure
Is it good?
A good looking toy, especially if you like Funko and are used to them. Unfortunately, you can see the spring when looking at this from an angle and he can't turn his head (which is standard for bobbleheads).
Excellent paint job and well made (especially the motorcycle)
The bobblehead effect looks great with this flaming skull
Stands out and should be a nice centerpiece for some
A slight bummer you can see the spring in the neck from the side
This is a Funko so the wheels don't move, but the head doesn't either (since it's a bobblehead) which makes featuring this limited
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