This Amazon exclusive Defenders four pack is gorgeous in many ways.

During SDCC 2017 we had the opportunity to view and hold the Defenders four-pack box and we were instantly smitten. The box design is fabulous and truly a big part of why this Amazon-exclusive Marvel Legends pack is so nice. Having all four of the Defenders in one pack is also quite a cool feature, especially since the current comic series is so very good.

It’s also nice to see Luke Cage finally get a rerelease, Daredevil get a new paint job, and Iron Fist sporting a shirtless look. Oh, and Jewel is a brand new addition that collectors are going to have to have.

Check out our unboxing and snap judgment review below!

As you can see we’re still wowed by the box. The art on the cover, photography on the back, and Velcro-held front gate on this thing is beautiful. We suspect a lot of folks will see this in the store and buy it because of this box.

Enough about the box though, the toys inside aren’t bad either! While technically Jewel is the only “new” action figure of this bunch it’s nice to see Luke Cage get a wider distribution. A similar figure was released as an SDCC Exclusive Luke Cage six inch figures from the Thunderbolts box set. Luke Cage is a great mold and his bigger size is apparent which helps pose this team as a unit. Iron Fist’s bare-chested look is quite cool and suits his fighting style. The paint job on Daredevil is out of this world better than the 2015 Marvel Legends version. All together it’s a good set.

That said, we were a bit dismayed how few accessories there are. Technically each figure is pricing at $20 since it’s an $80 set at retail. If these toys were separated you would probably think half of them were overpriced. We aren’t a fan of Jewel’s head in part because it’s been used before. Chances are a lot of folks will just go out and buy the Jessica Jones Netflix figure to make this unit stand out.

Overall we liked this set, the packaging is good and the figures are well made. It’s just unfortunate there are no alternate hands or heads or really anything extra. Chances are you can find this for a bit cheaper (It’s already cheaper on Amazon) and for a slightly lesser price we think this is a good pick up.

Marvel Legends Series The Defenders Figure 4-pack
Is it good?
I like these figures, but for $80 retail it's a tad steep given the lack of accessories and that many of these figures are reissues. That said, the box is gorgeous and the figures are well made.
Gorgeous box art and design
Cool to have all four in one package
Iron Fist shirtless, a burly Luke Cage, and a great paint job on Daredevil = giddyup
Lacks a lot of accessories
The Jewel toy isn't a must have seeing as the Netflix version is the one we all think about, plus the head sculpt is reused
A caught a minor ding or paint defect here and there
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