Watch Rorschach talk pancake making and his thoughts on the Doomsday Clock!

Doomsday Clock #1 arrives in just a few days and is the comic event of the year. Not only is it the direct sequel to Watchmen, but it weaves in Superman and has been in the works since DC Rebirth. DC has been dropping tidbits and clues leading up to this story, one of which arrived at our doorstep a few days ago.

Within this box are pancake mix, syrup, and a Doomsday Clock pin. Curious. Emblazoned on the mix is the Morning Joe’s diner logo, the best place to get flapjacks when it’s the last day on Earth. That’s not our opinion but Rorschach’s. He was kind enough to run us through the process of making Joe’s famous pancakes and he even recorded a bit of audio of the experience. Check it out below!

Doomsday Clock #1 hits stores this Wednesday. Pre-order it now, or find it at your local comic shop. Let the countdown begin.