If you’re a fan of the board game and the movie like I am, Clue is worth the read despite the lackluster conclusion.

Clue has been an entertaining story, but one of my initial worries was how Paul Allor would accomplish jamming together a solid story in such a limited amount of issues. I’m afraid to say that this last issue confirmed my concerns. Murder, mystery, comedy…Clue has had it all. But after all the build up to Clue #6, in the end, it feels like it was all for nothing.

Dave, what happened?

I would love to know what happened as well. The one thing that Clue #6 did prove is that Allor shines more when he’s scripting the comedy in the story, instead of the drama and mystery. Once again, I admit screwing up in reviewing issue number four. Don’t go back and read it unless you want spoilers on who died.

Detective Amarillo has captured her man/woman (not spoiling!) and the police have come to raid the mansion. Now there are a few players still left alive in the story and roaming the mansion. The primary reason everyone was invited to the dinner involved the surobi zinnia, a mysterious plant that has unlimited medical possibilities. So naturally big pharmaceutical wants to get their hands on it.

The best parts of the issue are the nods to the 1985 movie. Those brought a smile to my face, along with Upton the butler rushing around the issue doing his best to tie up all the loose ends. Once I got to the final page, I sorta shrugged. Yup, that’s the end. Now what……?  And maybe in the future Allor will get the opportunity to answer that.

More moments like this would have been awesome.

So Dave, dare I ask how good it is?

Allor has me split 50/50 on how I feel about this finale. As I said above, when he writes the comedy, the story is brilliant. When he tackles the actual plot, it doesn’t all click. I blame that on the series only being six issues and him having to jam it all together. Clue could have easily extended past six issues. Granted it may have involved the characters being out of the mansion, but the readers are taken out of the mansion with all the flashbacks that served as filler anyway. My feeling is there were a lot of missed opportunities that could have made this series great.

I am still satisfied with Nelson Daniel’s artwork. His use of colors, especially involving the characters has been consistent since the first issue. The pages with Upton traveling around were the best part of the book. Once again proving the value of the comedic aspect of Clue.

Ah well, indeed…

If you are planning on reading Clue, I strongly advise waiting for the trade. I sat down and read the first five issues again before tackling number six and I enjoyed them more this go around. I think the gap that we the readers had to wait for the next issue to come out is what crippled this story. Bottom line, the comedy is great, the plot is good, but the execution is lacking in parts. But if you are a fan of the board game and the movie like I am, then Clue is worth the read despite the lackluster conclusion.

Clue #6
Is it good?
If you're a fan of the board game and the movie like I am, Clue is worth the read despite the lackluster conclusion.
The nods to the '85 film were amusing. I would have liked more
Upton running around "tying" up loose ends
I was disappointed how it ended, I expected more
Limited issues made the ending feel rushed