Kick-Ass trade paperbacks find new home at Image Comics

When Mark Millar revealed he made a deal to move Millarworld from Icon, a Marvel run company, to Netflix A lot of questions arose, like, “Who gets to publish the previous Millarworld comics?” Then, a few weeks ago it was revealed Netflix will be publishing their first comic written by Mark Millar and Olivier Coipel called The Magic Order.

It seemed all but certain comics like Kick-Ass would be moving on to Netflix. Not so, at least as far as reprints are concerned as it was revealed today Image Comics will be publishing Kick-Ass trade paperback collections. Whether or not this means Millar will be handing other Millarworld stories to Image in a sort of partnership between Image and Netflix remains to be seen, but the fact stands Image Comics appears to be reaping the benefits of Millarworld’s change while Marvel Comics suffers.

According to the Wikipedia entry for Icon,

Icon Comics is an imprint of Marvel Comics for creator-owned titles, designed to keep select “A-list” creators producing for Marvel rather than seeing them take creator-owned work to other publishers.

Does this mean Marvel’s Icon imprint is going to be discontinued? If it has lost the rights to print Kick-Ass trade paperbacks what’s next? Check out Image Comics’ full press release on the news and covers for the new Kick-Ass reprints below which will arrive on comic shelves in February.

PORTLAND, OR, 11/21/2017 — Image Comics is pleased to announce that the bestselling trade paperback collections of the hit comic book series, KICK-ASS by comic book legends Mark Millar (KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE, HIT-GIRL) and artist John Romita Jr., will find a new home at Image Comics. KICK-ASS, VOL. 1-4 of the trade paperbacks will hit stores this February 2018–just in time for the February 10th anniversary of the series.

The beloved KICK-ASS series introduces teen comic book nerd Dave Lizewski, who dons his homemade Kick-Ass costume and takes to the streets of NYC to fight the city’s hardest criminals. This New York Times bestseller became a worldwide phenomenon overnight, spending three months at the top spot on the Diamond Direct Market chart and spawning the KICK-ASS movie that opened at No.1 in the box office.

To celebrate the launch of the new KICK-ASS series, all four volumes of KICK-ASS: THE DAVE LIZEWSKI YEARS are being released through Image Comics. Relive what happens when Dave Lizewski asks himself “How come nobody’s ever become a superhero before?” and makes his teenage superhero daydreams an ass-kicking reality.

A new ongoing monthly KICK-ASS comic by the series’ original creative team will launch concurrently with KICK-ASS: THE DAVE LIZEWSKI YEARS, VOL. 1-4 trade paperbacks all hitting stores from Image Comics. Two weeks later, superstar character Hit-Girl also gets her own monthly series from the creative team of Mark Millar and Ricardo Ortiz.

“Kick-Ass is the biggest thing I’ve ever had my name on. It just went crazy, and I loved writing these four books. Launching the new Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl monthlies from Image is incredibly exciting for me, and it makes absolute sense to have remastered editions of the original graphic novels out from Image too, all tweaked and reworked inside with brand-new covers. I can’t wait for these, and I bloody wrote the things.”

KICK-ASS trade paperbacks will be available in comic shops on Wednesday, February 14th and in bookstores on Tuesday, February 20th. The final order cutoff for comic shop retailers is Monday, January 8th.
KICK-ASS: THE DAVE LIZEWSKI YEARS, Vol. 1, ISBN: 978-1-5343-0719-3, Diamond code: DEC170572
KICK-ASS: THE DAVE LIZEWSKI YEARS, Vol. 2, ISBN: 978-1-5343-0720-9, Diamond code: DEC170573
KICK-ASS: THE DAVE LIZEWSKI YEARS, Vol. 3, ISBN: 978-1-5343-0721-6, Diamond code: DEC170574
KICK-ASS: THE DAVE LIZEWSKI YEARS, Vol. 4, ISBN: 978-1-5343-0722-3, Diamond code: DEC170575
The new KICK-ASS #1 will be available on Wednesday, February 14th. The final order cutoff is Monday, January 22nd:
KICK-ASS #1 Cover A by Romita, Jr., Diamond code: DEC170560
KICK-ASS #1 Cover B B&W by Romita, Jr., Diamond code: DEC170561
KICK-ASS #1 Cover C Limited Special Anniversary variant by Romita, Jr., Diamond code: DEC170562
KICK-ASS #1 Cover D by Frank Quitely, Diamond code: DEC170563
KICK-ASS #1 Cover E by Olivier Coipel, Diamond code: DEC170564
KICK-ASS #1 Cover F black cover, Diamond code: DEC170565
HIT-GIRL #1 will be available from Wednesday, February 21. The final order cutoff is Monday, January 29.