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Silver Sable And The Wild Pack #36 Review

Silver Sable is back and she’s kicking Nazi butt.

Spider-Man superfans are probably familiar with Silver Sable. She’s a strange enigma amongst his supporting characters (and sometimes villain) because she’s not a creation of some lab experiment or animal themed. She’s just a spy who specializes in hunting Nazis, which makes her the perfect hero for America in 2017.

So what’s it about?

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Why does this matter?

The last time I heard of this character she sacrificed herself to stop Doctor Octopus from killing the world. It’s been a while. You can understand my excitement when I learned this issue is more about her offing a-----e Nazis than fighting Rhino in a Spider-Man comic. Prepare for a fully badass Silver Sable.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

She seems fun.

Pencilers Paulo Siqueira and Jose Luis do a great job with this espionage style action comic. At times I was reflecting on how the art was similar to Frank Cho’s clean lines, though the finer detail made me think of J. Scott Campbell. The book is sharp and very good at choreographing the action as Silver Sable infiltrates a boat with Nazis holding people hostage. There’s tons of action too, from underwater fighting to fighting off a shark, to kicking Nazi scum in the face. This comic doesn’t pull any punches either, with Sable slitting people’s throats and smiling while she does it. There’s also a cool layout later in the issue where Sable guns down some baddies while hanging, a curve running almost diagonally across the page separating Sable and the progressing action.

Did I mention this comic doesn’t pull any punches? If you like James Bond you’re going to love this. She’s a well-trained fighter after all, and ends up using multiple weapons and combat moves throughout the issue. Christa Faust writes this issue and does a great job delivering a done in one tale. It’s rare to get a satisfying arc in a single issue these days, but this issue does that and then some. It’ll make you a believer in the character because you get a sense of her personality while she’s dodging fists and climbing through air ducts. One could argue a white costume for a spy doesn’t make sense, but Faust’s story makes you believe she’s capable of any mission. There’s also an interesting all-female Nazi group of terrorists for Sable to fight, which adds an interesting element I didn’t expect.

Well, they mean business.

It can’t be perfect can it?

A lot of folks are going to be asking why this comic exists and to be fair I’m not sure. This issue establishes Silver Sable as a badass who deserves her own book, but has no context as far as where this takes place. It’s a fun done in one if you want an espionage comic though.

The only technical fault I could find is how fast things wrap up in the last two pages. The issue takes its time through most of the story with a thriller intensity that’ll hold your attention, which is why it’s so surprising the last two pages rush to the end. It’s almost as if the script was meticulously planned and plotted but then the page count ran out and the story had to get it over with.

Is It Good?

Silver Sable And The Wild Pack #36 is a fast paced,action-packed thrill ride. You’ll understand Silver Sable better after all is said and done, and the pace is nearly perfect. It rushes to get to the end in the last two pages, but the story as a whole is well worth a look.

Silver Sable And The Wild Pack #36
Is it good?
Well written, fast paced thrill ride.
Establishes Silver Sable as a badass spy very well
Violent and action packed
Sharp art with great pace
Most of the issue is paced really well so the last two pages stand out as rushing to the conclusion
Unclear why this needed to be made beyond being a cool comic
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