TheAscendedAncient strikes again.


Almost two weeks ago, a redditor named TheAscendedAncient leaked images from the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War movies. The same user has also somehow obtained video of the upcoming movie, and has leaked the footage as well.

The original clips are short — the longest clip is just over a minute and a half, while most are just a few seconds. The clips on Vimeo were removed nearly instantly, and mirrors went down later.

Some of the footage appears to be in the early stages of post-production — shots involving Thanos appear to have motion capture stand-ins and are not fully animated yet.

Like we mentioned in the post about the leaked images, in the past Marvel has attempted to stifle the attention leaked footage garners by releasing the official trailer early. Time will tell if this will be the case here, but don’t be surprised if we finally see the official Infinity War trailer sometime this week.

UPDATE: The footage has been removed from all video sharing sites.

UPDATE: The trailer for Avengers: Infinity War is live, view it HERE!!!