Cosplayer CutiePieSensei presents an awe-inspiring Wonder Woman cosplay.

We’ve already featured cosplayer CutiePieSensei in her impressive Widowmaker from Overwatch getup so it should come as no surprise that she nails the film version of Wonder Woman with such accuracy and aplomb:

What did y'all think about the justice league film? Went to see it last night so I had to get my Diana Prince on one more time. Gotta post a pic with my girl @xkirakelly as well who went with us as #Mera !! The reviews scared me but it was actually pretty good!! WW kicked ass as always and I really like Cyborg. I'm kinda holding my breath on Ezra Miller's flash though. He was quirky and made me laugh, but he didn't really feel like Barry Allen to me. Like…….he was TOO quirky. And had way too much lightning. I get what they were trying to do but the amount was distracting. Maybe I'm just biased though because I think Grant Gustin is perfect flash lol. #cosplay #wonderwomancosplay #cosplaygirl #sexycosplay #selfie #cosplayselfie #blackgirlmagic #JLA #dc #dccomics #dccosplay #cosplayersofinstagram #wonderwoman #justiceleaguemovie #justiceleaguefilm #justiceleague

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I get a lot of questions where I got my Wonder Woman cosplay, and with the justice league movie coming out I figured I would post this here (it's been on Facebook for a while). I made all of it, but the corset seems to be the main piece people focus on so here are the base steps. I made the base out of craftfoam and worbla cups, with the body panels of it patterned from an actual waist cincher/corset. Attached cups of worbla. Then taped one half of it with plastic underneath and drew the WW pattern. Took that off, cut it out, and used that to pattern on the second layer of craftfoam. Taped the top and bottom and drew the pattern for the eagle and trim. Same thing, cut it out and used it to add ANOTHER layer of craft foam. Once that was done I added strips of vinyl with reinforced holes to the back to lace up, plastidipped, and painted in the red and gold on top of the black plastidip with a foam brush. #cosplay #process #wip #wonderwoman #justiceleaguemovie #justiceleaguefilm #justiceleague #tutorial #diy

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