It is certainly a dungeon worth exploring!

Have you ever been laying in bed at night, unable to sleep because you just can’t find a movie that satisfies your unique tastes and desires? You desperately need to see a movie about a Japanese hitman traveling to America, only to fall in love with a hooker, which prompts him to grow a heart. Well, I have good news. If you pick up Kim Newman’s Video Dungeon, you would learn the movie you are looking for is AKP: Job 27.

Kim Newman does a fantastic job compiling an insane amount of movie reviews into his 560 page book, Video Dungeon. Named after his column in Empire Magazine, the book focuses mostly on little known, B-rate genre films that you might find in a clearance bin, or quite possibly on a movie channel late at night.

So I know the question that you probably have for me: “Dave…. I can look up most movies online and read about them there. Why would I want a book on my shelf when I have my phone in my face 90% of the day?” That’s an outstanding question and I’m gonna tell you why you need this book. Kim Newman knows films. The reviews in this book are fairly short and to the point. There isn’t a lot filler and Video Dungeon can be enjoyed by the casual movie watcher and the hardcore fanatic alike.

I will tell you that you have to be prepared to read each review to the titles that might catch your eye. Newman doesn’t have a star system, number system, a buy it or not system. To be fair, there isn’t a whole lot of flicks reviewed in this book that would earn a four or five-star rating. Most are straight to DVD horror, crime stories, and monster flicks. But I think it is safe for me to say, there are a good number of movies reviewed in the book that will catch the reader’s attention and have them seeking out the choice film.

So if you are a fan of low budget horror films and the like, I strongly suggest you check out Kim Newman’s Video Dungeon. It is certainly a dungeon worth exploring!

Kim Newman's Video Dungeon
Is it good?
Kim Newman knows his films
Sections are broken up by genres
Short and to the point reviews
I would have liked more pictures, but the book is already 560 pages
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