Eric and David select the best covers from this week’s new comic releases.

Most comic book fans have a pretty good idea of what they’re going to buy every week when they visit their local comic shop. With that said, there’s still a lot of fun to be had just glancing at the week’s new releases and taking a chance on a book that looks promising. That’s where covers come in–a fantastic image can make the difference between trying something new or saying, “Nah, not this week.”

In that spirit, here are the covers that captured Media and Content Manager David Brooke and contributor Eric Cline’s attention this week.

David’s Picks:

Barbarella #1
Art by Joe Jusko

I’m cheating a bit, because Jusko actually talked about this very cover back at Boston Comic Con 2017. The story behind it is simple: Jusko had an already difficult deadline to make this cover and Dynamite had yet to send him final costume designs for the character. Whoops. Seems like he did a great job anyway from the awesome space scene behind Barbarella to the gorgeous flowing hair. I’ve always loved Jusko’s beautifully painted Marvel trading cards and this shows he’s only getting better as time goes on.

Rocko’s Modern Life #1
Art by Jorge Monlongo

This new series from BOOM! has a ton of variant covers, but this one is my favorite. Like some kind of Picasso meets Escher, this is complex and just the right amount of chaotic for a show that’s pretty bonkers. Plus, it even fits in Rocko’s brain popping out of his head–a major staple!

Batman #36
Art by Clay Mann

I really dig the composition of this cover. Starting from the back, we get a golden glowing Daily Planet that conveys a rich heroic vibe, then a steady and strong Superman followed by Batman, slightly cast in shadow. It’s also neat how Batman is leading even though he’s swinging and he seems to be almost looking at us too.

Eric’s Picks:

Nightwing #34
Art by Javier Fernandez
Check out AiPT’s exclusive preview for the issue

This is the best cover Nightwing has had in a while. The swarm of birds is fantastic, from the owl clawing at Dick’s face to the countless wings flying in from the distance. It’s cool to see a hero facing off against nature, rather than yet another superhuman. Plus, the bright orange background really pops next to the blue and black of Dick’s costume. From colors to content, there’s a lot of cool stuff happening here.

Extremity #9
Art by Daniel Warren Johnson & Mike Spicer

I have no idea what this is whatsoever. I don’t even read this series–but this cover makes me want to. There’s not much higher praise to give a cover, is there? Between the fun monster design and the pleasing color palette, this is the type of image that makes me try something new.

Hawkeye #13
Art by Julian Totino Tedesco
Check out AiPT’s preview for the issue here.

It’s always a good sign when you don’t just see an image, but hear it as well. I’m a Clint Barton fan, and this cover sells me on everything I could want from the issue: Clint and Kate arguing and getting in trouble. I also like when modern covers include text; it seems so much rarer nowadays than it used to. The sheer technical skill on display in this artwork is impressive as well.

Do you agree with these picks? Let us know in the comment space below!