China may have saved DC movies from box office failure… or at least a lot of embarrassment.

The Justice League movie has ended up being a stinker domestic box-office wise for Warner Brothers. Who knew? Last weekend Justice League was in second place again to Pixar’s Coco with $16.7 million. DC Comics’ biggest superheroes film (if you judge it by the number of heroes in the film) hasn’t been able to break $200 million domestic after three weekends. Never fear, China is here!

Justice League has made a whopping $98.8 million there according to Box Office Mojo with an overseas total of $371.8 million. That’s more money made in China alone than Batman vs. Superman made there when it pulled in $95.7 million back in 2016. Its global total is still way down for DC Extended Universe movies with a total of $569.2 million, but the rise in gross profits from China may suggest Asian markets are warming to Warner Brothers’ superhero action flicks.

Suicide Squad has reportedly made $745.6 million worldwide and it’s looking like Justice League will at least pull close to that number over time. It certainly won’t reach Batman vs. Superman‘s number of $873 million and foreign take is far less than domestic earnings — but it’s still safe to say China may have saved Justice League from a big embarrassment.