The Shirtless Bear Fighter is nothing short of amazing.

The War on Bearror is here and the only one that can save us all from the bacon crazed Bearrorists is a man who is packin’ a “punch” so big it would make even Dr. Manhattan blush. That hero’s name is the Shirtless Bear Fighter!

Abandoned in the forest as a bearded baby, our hero was found by Mama and Papa Bear and raised in the wild by his bear family alongside his sibling Brother Bear. There he grew up big and strong to become the protector of the forest and all of its inhabitants. He fought furiously to keep men like Jaxson Logger, the owner of the toilet paper company Fuzzy Wipes, from tearing down the forest and destroying it to use for his own financial gain. One day however our hero met Clementine, the beautiful sister of Logger, and the two of them fell madly in love. Unfortunately that love was not to last very long as Shirtless discovered the dead body of his beloved Clementine in the woods one night, seemingly killed by the bear family that he had loved so dearly. It is in that moment of grief and rage that he vowed to spend the rest of his days hunting, fighting, and destroying all bears, thus becoming the Shirtless Bear Fighter.

Flash forward to the present day in Major City. Its citizens are being terrorized and attacked by crazed bears and only Shirtless has the power and brute strength to stop them. Shirtless is visited at his bear skin covered cabin in the forest by his old friend and government task force director Burke, along with Burke’s assistant, agent Silva. They come with offerings of delicious flapjacks for his assistance in stopping these crazed rampaging bears. A naked Shirtless agrees and the three of them set out on an epic quest to save Major City and the rest of the world from this maniacal threat. Along the way Shirtless encounters characters like the half pig, half man Hillbilly Warlock, whose magical bacon can control even the most resistant of minds.

He also reunites and must battle his adopted sibling Brother Bear, who is now working for Jaxson Logger in a sinister plot to take over the forest and strip down all of its trees in order to make Fuzzy Wipes. Will our half naked hero have what it takes to stop Jaxson and this worldwide bearrorist threat? Will he learn the truth about the death of his beloved Clementine and reconcile with his long-lost bear family? Will he finally put some clothes on? The fate of the forest and of the world hangs in the balance.

The story on this title is nothing short of brilliant. Jody Leheup and Sebastian Girner have crafted a hysterically fun tale filled with humor, heart, and a provocative ridiculousness that incites a giggle with every turn of the page. It is the perfect blend of epic storytelling and perverse silliness.

Nil Vendrell’s art work paired with Mike Spencer’s coloring is wonderful and beautiful to look as as much as it is literal and outrageous. The action and battle scenes explode furiously onto every page making the reader feel every bear punch, kick, and half naked body slam. The look and feel of this title are topped off and wrapped perfectly in Andrew Robinson’s mind blowing cover art. Every variant is as breathtaking and hilarious as the last.

Shirtless Bear-Fighter! is a title that is as wonderful and ridiculous as it sounds and so much more. It is unique and is masterfully written and drawn. This is what every comic book should aspire to be creatively and visually.

I loved every moment of it and I look forward to seeing future installments of this character as well as any future works by these artists and writers. Every once in a while a comic book comes along that is nothing short of perfection. Shirtless Bear-Fighter! is exactly that. I would recommend this to anyone with a twisted, perverse, and silly sense of humor who enjoys a good story and artwork that is visceral and provocative.

Shirtless Bear Fighter TPB
Is it good?
The Shirtless Bear Fighter is nothing short of amazing. The writing is very funny and the artwork is masterful and vibrant. A must have for any collection.
Intense action.
Hilariously funny and original story.
Deliciously perverse and detailed artwork.
A title that stands out and above the rest.
I honestly can't find one single thing wrong with this series other than the fact that I was left wanting more. I am very excited to see if they continue with further adventures of the Shirtless Bear Fighter in the future.