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Marvel Reassembled: 6 characters we can’t wait to see join the MCU

Now that Disney has purchased Fox, there are plenty of characters we want to see given the MCU treatment. Here’s our top five.

Unless you’ve been living with transcendentalists on Walden Pond for the last few years, you’ve heard of the mega-blockbuster Disney/Fox acquisition that went through earlier today. The buyout opens up myriad Marvel Cinematic Universe movie opportunities thanks to a bevy of new characters available for the picking. Which characters are we most excited to see?

6. Wolverine

It might not be Hugh Jackman reprising the role, but Wolverine and the rest of the X-Men coming home to the MCU means we’ll never have to suffer through the misery of another X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

This could also be our chance to see Logan in full-costume and given Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger’s willingness to keep particular Marvel movies R-rated, we trust Wolverine’s capacity for violence won’t be softened either.

5. The Fantastic Four

If you’re a longtime Marvel Comics fan you’ve been suffering for some time when it comes to Fantastic Four offerings. Fox never got The Fantastic Four rights but with these characters now in Disney and Marvel’s lap we can finally see the first family and its constituents given their due respect.

It comes at a great time too. Marvel is currently planning their fourth phase and James Gunn made it clear Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 would kick things off for the next 20 years of Marvel films. Since Guardians is a space and cosmic series one could imagine having cosmic villains on the level or even above the level of Ego and Thanos is going to be hugely helpful in growing new series and stories.

This also brings up an interesting comment Evangeline Lilly said in in an interview with Vanity Fair. Kevin Feige told her where Marvel’s next phase is going and Lilly realized, “We are hitting that [Lost] season 4 space where everything’s about to shift,” further remarking, “If we do succeed in Ant-Man and the Wasp, then that does open a whole entire new multi-verse to enter into and play around in. I’m not the story creator, so I can’t tell you what they’re going to do with that. But I definitely see the potential there.”

A whole new multi-verse you say?

4. Silver Surfer

He might have had the second Fantastic Four movie named after him, but the big screen has only barely scratched the surface with Norrin Radd.

Not only does Surfer have myriad powers under his “Power Cosmic” belt that have yet to be explored — he’s got the entirety of the cosmos to take a look at as well. MCU’s smoldering success with the Guardians of the Galaxy and its exploration of cosmic entities and worlds in recent films such as Thor: Ragnarok and the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War ensure that Silver Surfer has the potential to shine in his rightful playground.

And just imagine how fun, psychedelic and poignant a Silver Surfer movie series based on Dan Slott and Mike Allred’s recently ended run could be.

3. Deadpool

Although Deadpool’s already in hot water with his new bosses, we pray the transition to Disney World doesn’t alter the Merc with a Mouth’s inimitable demeanor one iota.

One of the running gags of the Deadpool film was the exclusion of other, “higher-profile” X-Men characters, but thanks to Walt Disney Company, that’ll no longer be an issue. Deadpool is at his best when he’s playing off more straitlaced characters and there are certainly plenty to choose from under the MCU. If you thought Captain America found certain types of language discourteous under the current Avengers roster, just wait until he runs into the Merc with a Mouth. And who among us wouldn’t to see an unbelievable Spider-Man/Deadpool team-up brought to life on the big screen, if only for a few hours?

2. Galactus


We *guess* that cosmic cloud treatment Galactus got in the Fantastic Four sequel made about as much sense as a cosmic-powered, purple-armored, bipedal humanoid giant flying around in a solar-system sized warship draining planets of their energy — but what the hell?

We want to see the Galactus from the comics, the sole survivor of the Big Bang and one of the most powerful entities in the Marvel Universe on the big screen.

1. Dr. Doom

“Dolts! Such insolence will not go unpunished.”

Casting Julian McMahon as Vincent Von Doom could’ve been something: but let’s face it, he was no DOOM, and we have yet to see an accurate depiction of the rightful ruler of Latveria and genius inventor/sorceror (we won’t even get into the 2015 version of the film, as Doom himself did when he humbled AiPT! editor Chris Hassan in his own home and took over as feature writer).

Doom’s Machiavellian machinations and nigh-unparalleled intellect represented in the right way could mean tons of trouble for Marvel’s finest. And after Thanos’ chapter has been concluded, can we imagine how mind-blowing a movie-spanning epic involving Doctor Doom with untold power, a la Jonathan Hickman’s Secret Wars, could be?

Agree/disagree? Which characters are you dying to see in the MCU after the Disney/Fox acquisition? Sound off in the comments.


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