Batman’s got a new set of gear for his team-up with Wonder Woman in Batman #39.

We’ve already previewed the impressive cover art from the upcoming Batman #39, and now our first glimpse (thanks to tweets from Batman writer Tom King) inside has us even more hyped for what’s to come. Namely, Batman in a suit of resplendent armor that looks like it’d serve him better in a Westerosi trial by combat than on the streets of Gotham, courtesy of artist Joelle Jones:

Is DC cashing on on the success of HBO’s hit fantasy series and giving us the Batman/Game of Thrones we never knew we wanted? Is Batman armored up from head-to-toe in an attempt to placate Wonder Woman? How does Joelle Jones render such amazing, lifelike facial expressions? What will Wonder Woman’s reaction be to his recent engagement to Catwoman? Is Batman’s armor simply a callback to the 1995 Kenner Legends Of Batman Deluxe Silver Knight Batman toy?

Batman #39 hits shelves on January 17th, 2018.