“See you around, kid.”

SPOILERS ahead for Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

However you felt about The Last Jedi, if you’re a longtime fan of Star Wars, seeing Luke Skywalker turn on his iconic blue lightsaber one more time to take on his nephew Kylo Ren outside of the dilapidated Rebel base on Crait had to bring a tear to your eye. Sure, it turns out it wasn’t actually Luke Skywalker, but a Force projection he was putting on from his isolation on Ach-To, but the confrontation is one of the most memorable in the series’ history nonetheless.

Animator John Stratman has rendered the iconic scene in 16 bit glory, making the epic confrontation between the two feel like it took place in a Super Nintendo game. Even in 90s style pixellation, reliving Luke’s final moments is just as emotional. It’s incredibly impressive, and worth a look.

Check it out below: