Three Star Wars references you might have missed in S4E1 of Black Mirror.

Episode director Toby Haynes and actress Cristin Milioti recently expressed their approval for a spin-off based on the science-fiction-franchise-homaging Black Mirror Season 4 premiere episode, “USS Callister”; based on all the sly references Haynes crammed into the episode, it’s a concept we’d be on board with as well.

Besides the obvious references to Star Trek, Haynes revealed in an interview with Hollywood Reporter some Star Wars references that might’ve flown over some fans’ heads upon first viewing:

Reference #1: Star Wars: Rogue One trailer

There are also three Star Wars references. I don’t know when I’m going to do sci-fi again, so I try to put everything in there. One of the references is when Cristin wakes up in the medical bay, the way the lights came on was a reference to Gareth Edwards’ Rogue One trailer — the shot that never made the movie, when Felicity [Jones] is standing up and the lights come on in sequence.

Reference #2: Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back reactor stalk beneath Cloud City

“Then, the tube which Jimmi goes into when he reactivates the engines of the spaceship, I wanted that to look like the tubes of the Bespin in Cloud City in Empire Strikes Back, the tubes that Luke Skywalker falls down inspired that.”

Reference #3: Star Wars: A New Hope: “Take that thing to the brig.”

And there is one line when Daly has just turned Michaela into an alien where he says, ‘Take that thing to the brig.’ That’s the same line they say about Chewbacca when they are on the Death Star in A New Hope. So there are the three Star Wars references, along with the endless Star Trek ones.

Did you notice any other references, Star Wars or otherwise that we might have missed from Black Mirror S4E1, “USS Callister”? Sound off in the comments.