Netflix is starting off 2018 right. Well depending on who you talk to

Following the success of Bright, Netflix has announced a sequel. This comes less than two weeks after the film’s release and while critics have been crapping all over the fantasy/cop-movie mashup, for the most part fans appear to love it. Well enough for Netflix to sequel it anyway.

Will Smith and Joel Edgerton will be reprising their roles, with David Ayer returning to wear the hats of writer and director. Writer Max Landis is out, though it isn’t clear if this is due to the recent sexual assault allegations that’ve come out against him or the nearly universal poor reviews the film has received.

Regardless of whether or not you enjoyed the film, the numbers don’t lie as Bright was Netflix’s most-viewed film ever for its first week. Nielsen announced that 11 million American viewers streamed Bright within the first three days of its release and it’s also the top film in the nearly 200 countries Netflix services.

Netflix teased the announcement with a video of orcs auditioning for the sequel.

“ANNOUNCEMENT: Orc auditions for the @BrightNetflix sequel are now closed. Thank you. Have a nice day,” the official Netflix account tweeted.

At this time there’s no release date for the Bright sequel. But don’t worry, we’ll be keeping an eye out for you.