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Color Your Own Black Panther review

Black Panther fans may be tempted to pick up a copy of Color Your Own Black Panther just to admire the artwork.

The newest edition in Marvel’s coloring book series, Color Your Own Black Panther features the work of dozens of talented artists and their takes on the superhero. Is it good?

This is a coloring book, but the collection of art inside is fantastic, especially at this price point. The majority of the artwork are cover images, with the titling removed.

These images range across Black Panther’s publication history, from his dramatic first appearance on the cover of Jack Kirby’s Fantastic Four #52 all the way up to the current work of Brian Stelfreeze. My personal favorites are the detailed covers by Sal Velluto’s work during Priest’s run on the character.

Within the 59 images, there are some examples of interior art, usually double page spreads, including an awesome two-page spread by John Romita Jr. of T’Challa’s grandfather, Azzuri, fighting Captain America in World War II.

The artwork does preserve the work of inkers like Klaus Janson and Bob Almond, which is great for retaining the dynamic nature of the images. However, due to the heavy shadows typically used on Black Panther’s costume, that does mean that some images lack range for realistic experimentation, but for younger artists, that won’t matter.

The pages are all on good paper stock, preventing most bleedthrough, though heavy markers will still get through. Fortunately, the pages are all perforated, preventing risk for any bleed to carry over to the pages below and allowing for copies to be made (useful for teachers looking to distribute pages to their young students).

Is It Good?

This is ultimately a nice coloring book, especially for the price point. Black Panther fans may be tempted to pick up a copy just to admire the artwork. For younger audiences, some of the detailed pictures might prove a little difficult, but it’s a great tactile way to interact with the hero of the upcoming film.

Color Your Own Black Panther
Is it good?
With over 50 images, from all eras of Black Panther's history, this is is a great coloring book with perforated pages on good paper stock that should prevent bleed. For fans young and old, this should be a nice addition to a coloring book collection.
A great range of artwork by the talented artists that have called Marvel home over the past 50 years.
Good paperstock and perforated pages help prevent bleed through.
Some more interior work might have been appreciated.
Some of the covers are heavily inked, making them less variable in the way you can color them.

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