The mystery behind the characters alone is enough to pique any reader’s interest.

“Whispers of the Pneumas have brought Hazard to Aquarius. Noira realizes that she’s in deeper than she would have liked. And, in the aftermath of the attack on his transport, Jack tries to find a way into Paradiso but wanders into a close encounter of the weird kind. Powerful forces are on the move in Paradiso City, but to what end?”

Paradiso sounds intense as hell, doesn’t it? Well, it is! The first issue was a nice surprise for me when I read it. I have become worn out on post-apocalyptic tales, but Paradiso has a different kind of bite to it. There is action, suspense, and a weird monster sporting a fedora. Jack Kryznan has made his way into Paradiso. Will the past he’s trying to escape from catch up to him?

T-Mobile finally stepped their game up.

Dave, tell me more!

Paradiso #2 starts out with a look at “The Great Before”. A time when the Cloud was more than just a marketing gimmick. It was real, made up of self-repairing nanoparticles that when released into the atmosphere would link the globe into a single network that would be overseen by an advanced system known as Kornos.  The people would be united, and have access to an unprecedented database at their finger tips.

Now it is the year 332 “After Midnight”, which refers to time the Cloud came online and changed things for humanity. Choices have become limited. Scavenge around to survive, but make sure you avoid the Fog, a ghost of the past that pries into your consciousness and exploits your fears. The best bet is to find a way into Paradiso, the last hope of decent civilization.

Jack had a rough welcome into Paradiso. After his ride was ambushed, he has awoken to find that his Pneumas is missing. The Pneumas is a fancy device that has mysterious powers, able to energize dead technology. Is it able to do more? I am guessing so since there are a whole lot of people that want their hands on the gizmo, especially a certain guy named Hazard. As Jack encounters the mysteries that lay in Paradiso, Hazard is putting a plan together to hunt him down. Run away, Jack!

Anyone seen Decker around?

So Dave, is it good? 

Yes, Paradiso #2 is a very entertaining book. I have so many questions! I think I know what is going on, but I am not completely sure. And that’s what’s going to keep me coming back to Paradiso — I need answers! Ram V is writing an excellent tale. There are many layers, and characters are well crafted. I expect many twists and turns before any certain answers reveal themselves.

For a post-apocalyptic wasteland, Dev Pramanik and Dearbhla Kelly’s artwork is gorgeous. I hope to see more of The Great Before. The city has a Blade Runner vibe to it and is beautiful. The wastelands look gritty and dry. This pair delivers a one-two punch with the visuals.

The bottom line is if you like post-apocalyptic stories like Mad Max, and dig science fiction as well, then Paradiso is the book for you. Even if this type of story isn’t your thing, I do encourage you take a look at it anyway. The mystery behind the characters alone is enough to pique any reader’s interest. You know you want to journey into the wastelands with me. Pick up Paradiso #2!

Paradiso #2
Is it good?
The mystery behind the characters alone is enough to pique any reader's interest.
Rich characters that I want to learn more about
Beautiful artwork and colors
My favorite character has a name! When can I expect to see a character made of Watcher?
I wanted to see more of The Great Before
Book is done before you know it

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