The December 2017 Loot Crate DX is finally here. Check out what is inside!

It is indeed January, but that doesn’t mean the Loot Crate DX box meant to be shipped in December is no longer good! We finally got our box and since it’s 100% Star Wars stuff inside, we couldn’t be more excited. Before we received this box we learned the reason for the delay was a special item holding things up. Sadly that item never made it into this box, but it will arrive at some point at a later date. That said, we got the box along with some extra BB-8 socks and more goodies you can see in the video below.

As you can see, we liked the t-shirt and notebook in this box. The pin is pretty dang cool too and we can’t wait for that lightsaber replica. These 3D glasses are pretty worthless to us, though, especially since The Last Jedi has come and gone. It’s a bummer the big ticket item didn’t make it in this box, which may really annoy some people, but we’re patient and will wait to see.

Loot Crate DX December 2017
Is it good?
A good box, but lacking due to items being delayed (even after the box itself was delayed).
Cool t-shirt, pin, and notebook!
Nice that they threw in some BB-8 socks
We don't even like 3D movies, but the fact that we got these so far after the release of the new movie is a major bummer
The big ticket item isn't even in the box!
The toy is cute, but more for little kids