Ryan Reynolds releases a photo from the Deadpool 2 set to share his excitement for the film’s earlier release date.

Deadpool 2 is hitting theaters two weeks earlier than anticipated and actor Ryan Reynolds wasted no time celebrating by sharing the following set photo on Instagram:

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May 18. #MaximumEffort

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The image reveals Deadpool’s trusty pair of katanas — with the engravings “Bea” and “Arthur” respectively (a reference to his infatuation for the famed Golden Girls actress) on the sword-hilts. Deadpool has been known to name his weapons in the past, such as a pair of pistols he designated “Moe” and “Larry” in Spider-Man/Deadpool #1, so “Bea” and “Arthur” are the sort of attention to details only further supporting the notion that Reynolds’ creative influence on the Deadpool films is the perfect fit and then some.

Are these the same katanas with which Deadpool made one of Francis’ henchmen into “a f-----g kebab”?

Deadpool 2 hits theaters on May 18th, 2018.