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A writer is offering a cash reward to any reporter who asks Trump about the United States’ relations with Wakanda

‘Wakanda? Nobody knows Wakanda better than me, believe me.’

President Donald Trump talks a lot, including about subjects he doesn’t seem to know very much about. He’s regaled us with tales of the nonexistent country of Nambia, and touted sales of a plane model that only exists in Call of Duty. So is it that far fetched to think he’d have a lot to say about the US’s standing with Wakanda?

Writer Sara Benincasa proposed just that on Twitter recently, even offering a cash reward of $300 to any reporter who asks Donald Trump about the federal government’s official position on the fictional nation of the Marvel Universe.

Benincasa also has plenty of ideas on how to actually ask the question, in case any reporter out there is tempted by the reward.

There won’t be any sort of Indiegogo or Kickstarter, though — at least not from Benincasa herself.

“You know who never said a word about Wakanda? Not one? Obama.”

You know Trump would take the bait, because bullshitting his way through an answer like a high school student who forgot his oral book review was due today is kind of his thing. As for his response, let me take a stab at it:

“Look, Wakanda — Wakanda’s very important. Nobody knows that better than me, believe me. People ask me, ‘oh is Wakanda important?’ — you better believe it. Despite what the fake news media would have you believe, I have a great relationship with the Wakandans, the greatest. They sent me a letter just the other day telling me what a great job I’ve been doing. Great people. I have done more for Wakanda than any — great things. No collusion. That I can tell you.”


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