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Domino writer Gail Simone talks her return to Marvel, the series’ influences and Domino carrying an ‘absolutely ridiculous gun’

Domino, the probability-altering mercenary (played by actress Zazie Beetz) appearing in Deadpool 2, is getting her own series in April with writer Gail Simone at the helm. Simone recently took to the CBR forums to answer fan questions, including the author’s long-awaited return to Marvel, influences, the character’s love interests more:

Any familiar faces or themes from your run on Deadpool/Agent X we might see show up?

There will definitely be at least one member of Agency X playing a very prominent role.

How’s it feel to be doing another Marvel ongoing after so long? Have you been keeping up with the X-Books, or are you having to get reacquainted with the soap oper…er, landscape?

It’s strange and fun, really.

I was never mad at Marvel. Joe Quesada gave me my first mainstream break and continued to be a good friend even many years after I left. I left because there was a new editor on Deadpool and partly because of my inexperience, I just found him really difficult to work with. So I left, but he was let go very soon after, I think, and Marvel kindly invited me back to finish my story, which I always thought was a very classy move.

But by that time, Birds of Prey was a hit and DC signed to an exclusive, then another, then another, and I couldn’t work for anyone else. When that ended, I still considered DC my home, but I wanted to write favorite characters elsewhere too.

I was always busy, I always had more work offered than I could take, so I didn’t pursue things, really, so I didn’t go after a Marvel book, even though I love the MU a lot. They asked me a couple times to do a series, but the timing was wrong on my end.

In this case, a really lovely and enthusiastic editor, Chris Robinson, asked me out of the blue if I was interested. And I don’t know, I just had this WHAM feeling that Domino would be huge fun. It’s a weird market right now, but all I want to do is tell the funnest, most entertaining adventure stories I can with her. I’m excited. And everyone at Marvel from C.B. down has been incredibly inviting.

I took a couple years off from straight superhero books and I really missed them.

This answer is long and rambly, sorry. But the short answer is, it feels like a new adventure, and I’m jazzed!

Will Cable show up? I know they aren’t an item anymore and haven’t been for some time (and, honestly, I prefer her more recent relationship with Colossus; too bad Guggenheim put he and Kitty back together in [X-Men] Gold), but they are long time friends and comrades-in-arms. Hoping to see them interact as such again. Thanks in advance. Looking forward to your Domino book!”

Cable doesn’t have a HUGE role early on, but he’s a presence!

What kind of research/inspiration will you be basing your take on Domino on?

I’m reading everything…I want to have her have some wild energy, and a sense of fun, but the stakes have to be high, as well.

So, several influences, honest.

Any chance we’ll see Dom interact with Colossus? Will Domino have a mission statement that sets her apart from other mercenary types like Deadpool? Tonally, will the series be closer to Deadpool or Weapon X?

I don’t have Colossus slated right away, but it’s a fun idea…it could happen!

And definitely, Domino isn’t Harley Quinn or Deadpool, her missions are going to reflect her capabilities as a very dangerous merc who is a bit of a wild card.

What’s the biggest gun Domino is bringing to the fray?

She has a gun in issue one that is absolutely ridiculous.

Is Domino gonna be more cartoonish like in Weapon X. Or is she gonna have a bit more depth and seriousness to her, with a good balance of comedy?

I am enjoying Weapon X a lot, but we will have room to focus on Domino with more depth. And I want to show her hyper-competence, along with her fun side. She’s not Daffy Duck.

Domino hits shelves on April 11th.


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